Who are the Private Runners?

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We are a FAMILY.


We look out for each other. We aren’t out to prove a point. We don’t care about winning or losing. We’re out just to have fun and test ourselves. We don’t talk shit, nor judge. A real enthusiast doesn’t do that. When we see an enthusiast, we see their aura. Your aura speaks for itself and shows your true self. We are ghosts, just manifesting to show you that we exist. Catch us haunting the streets.


Live like you’re already dead. Haunt the streets.

Eco Zones

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해적 만

공격이 있었다, 사이버 해적.

우리는 일어난 것을 막을 수 없었다.

그들은 주요 제어 시스템을 해킹,

전자 기기의 엄청난 금액은 바다에서 잃었습니다. 수 조 달러가 손실되고 있다.

많은 피해가 해양 생물에 이루어졌다.

변환이 일어났다, 우리의 꿈 너머

전자 몇 해양 야생 생활이 융합한

그들은 새로운 모양과 형태를 취했다


나는 내 인생을 끝낼 것을 선택했습니다

안녕 영원히


“Pirate Bay
There were attacks from cyber pirates.
We could not have prevented what happened.
They hacked into the main control system.
We lost a huge amount of electronic equipment,
Trillions of dollars.
There is so much damage was done to marine life.
Beyond our dreams, something has changed.
Electronics and marine wildlife that combines They took a new shape and form.
As a result, I chose to end my life.
Good Bye, Forever…”
– President and CEO of Doldrum corp.

If I was a Satanist

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would y’all still be my friend and/or follow this blog?

The funny thing is if I was a Satanist, a high percent of people would probably cast me away like a leper. But yet, that same percentage of people will still follow manipulating dicks who do whatever it takes to benefit themselves. We all seen it and still see it, you know, The type of people who will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want. You guessed it: FUCKBOYS.

This webpage is a certified #nofuckboysallowed blog. If this offends you then unfollow and block me from all social media 😀
(I thought I filtered out a lot of fuckboys but I guess I missed some lol)



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“I don’t give a fuck what kind of brand you are, I’m concerned what type of man you are, what your principals and standards are. You understand me y’all? Be good to your family y’all. No matter where your families are. Cause everybody needs family y’all.” – Yasiin aka Mos Def


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The Light

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“Lightning flashes, sparks shower. In one blink of your eyes, you’ve missed seeing. Why? Because here is the light. The light, the light, the light, every mystic in the world has ‘seen the light.’ That brilliant, blazing energy, brighter than a thousand suns, it is locked up in everything. Now imagine this, imagine you’re seeing it. Like you see aureoles around Buddha’s. Like you see the beatific vision at the end of Dante’s ‘Paradiso.’ Vivid, vivid light, so bright that it is like the clear light of the void in the Tibetan Book of the Dead. It’s beyond light, it’s so bright. And you watch it receding from you. And on the edges, like a great star, there becomes a rim of red. And beyond that, a rim of orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. You see this great mandala appearing, this great sun, and beyond the violet, there’s black. Black, like obsidian, not flat black, but transparent black, like lacquer. And again, blazing out of the black, as the yang comes from the yin, more light. Going, going, going. And along with this light, there comes sound. There is a sound so tremendous with the white light that you can’t hear it, so piercing that it seems to annihilate the ears. But then along with the colors, the sound goes down the scale in harmonic intervals, down, down, down, down, until it gets to a deep thundering base which is so vibrant that it turns into something solid, and you begin to get the similar spectrum of textures. Now all this time, you’ve been watching a kind of thing radiating out. ‘But,’ it says, ‘you know, this isn’t all I can do,’ and the rays start dancing like this, and the sound starts waving, too, as it comes out, and the textures start varying themselves, and they say, well, you’ve been looking at this this as I’ve been describing it so far in a flat dimension. Let’s add a third dimension; it’s going to come right at you now. And meanwhile, it says, we’re not going to just do like this, we’re going to do little curlicues. And it says, ‘well, that’s just the beginning!’ Making squares and turns, and then suddenly you see in all the little details that become so intense, that all kinds of little sub-figures are contained in what you originally thought were the main-figures, and the sound starts going all different, amazing complexities of sound all over the place, and this thing’s going, going, going, and you think you’re going to go out of your mind, when suddenly it turns into… Why, us, sitting around here.” – Alan Watts

Battle Ship Island

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I rarely see information of this island being explored. This video by Exploring With Steve, gives a more in-depth and updated view than what’s already put out there. Keep it up Steve!

Osaka Civic Meet

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My buddy Sato Hirokazu always comes through with the dopeness!
Recently he went to the Osaka Civic Meet by Osaka Hunters and took photos of Osaka’s most infamous Kanjozoku’s.

16833537_1308135545936460_438037038_o 16804995_1308136392603042_1082321338_o 16832945_1308144449268903_2029804832_o 16810376_1308136172603064_1683213381_o 16810314_1308135709269777_353372619_o 16810755_1308135882603093_521685973_o 16833017_1308138182602863_863472310_o 16810105_1308138049269543_1547994406_o 16805071_1308147865935228_220357680_o 16805258_1308147782601903_1553512638_o 16805409_1308143219269026_1006586950_o 16810449_1308143339269014_1003179818_o 16805256_1308147659268582_95022747_o 16805283_1308136332603048_1142696218_o 16805110_1308142529269095_298760775_o 16805239_1308137949269553_446325953_o 16805407_1308144875935527_1704625083_o 16804598_1308144022602279_791605001_o 16810940_1308144649268883_1483911555_o 16810672_1308146962601985_1793513995_o 16833008_1308133325936682_1639507567_o 16804570_1308142625935752_1212761878_o 16804643_1308137612602920_237148885_o 16804809_1308133942603287_1275754823_o 16833554_1308143812602300_933888644_o 16833505_1308136505936364_1594336947_o 16833510_1308132885936726_2133358112_o 16832947_1308137022602979_518947112_o 16832965_1308147109268637_318880162_o 16810942_1308144235935591_1362327074_o 16810950_1308146145935400_801176650_o 16810968_1308140859269262_615673544_o 16830467_1308147519268596_387667915_n 16832913_1308138889269459_823905970_o 16833492_1308145239268824_415986525_o 16837988_1308145692602112_1551607263_n 16810361_1308132709270077_2053400295_o 16763742_1308142185935796_675592183_o