damn i accidentally deleted my first post so i had to re-post it today, so just for the record my first post was on 01/21/10!

anyway, here is my runner, and one day i want to paint it BLACK. i dont care about painting underneath the hood, to me i wanna keep some of the old paint somewhere so that its always remembered that its original color is RED.

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  1. so I have a question, what exactly is the private runners? where did they originate from japan or the states? and how do you start your own chapter? or is it a closed group? I’m only wondering because I find the private runners to be interesting not well known at all, I honestly don’t see any comments on any of the posts, the one memeber “illest_allen” ive tried to ask him about the group but would only repsond by saying I have a lot to learn, I would like to know more about your street family if possible

    1. I seen Illest_allan on Instagram. He’s a cool dude, but he is not a member of the Private Runners. Read my post: Private Runner Interview to answer your questions. Cheers

      1. thanks so much! I am in the works of reading right now, I will get back at you

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