Block update

So I sent my block out to Darton on Tuesday, and John at Darton notified me and said my block made it safely to Darton Sleeves. He told me it should take 10-15 days to install and ship back. So once again, another waiting game. I will keep yall posted.


6 Responses to “Block update”

  1. Darton Sleeves is a high technology factory.

    This [B] block how did you process it?

  2. as in how did I send it to them? sorry i dont understand what your asking?

  3. I am sorry with a confusing question.

    The block how is change done?


  4. I have a B18C1 motor which the bore is 81mm and 87.2 stroke
    I am putting darton sleeves in it and boring it out to 84.5mm, keeping the 87.2 stroke
    so if you do the calculation: bore(2) x stroke x .7854 x # of pistons = 1956cc 1.9 to be exact
    but if you round up its roughly a 2.0L motor in the end 🙂

  5. Great!
    It is great .
    84.5mm,bore ! 1956cc
    I have not watched such specifications in Japan.

    Thank you.

    [darton sleeves! 84mmbore! GREAT!!!] (^-^) 

  6. if you guys want more displacement do you guys increase the stroke on your engines? Also, are there many B20 VTEC conversions out in Japan?

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