Impressive and interesting.

I been chatting with this gentlemen through Honda-Tech and he made some impressive numbers on the dyno with this B20VTEC build.

B20 w/ RS pistons. W/ 2+ decks on the head, 12.5ish c/r.
Stock GSR head w/ the flashing cleaned up, ala factory R, S2P2 cams +9e,+3I, skank2 springs/retainers, stock valves, 74mm TB.
Hytech replica to 3″ through two magnaflow 5″x14″ mufflers and one magnaflow oval.
Stock GSR intake manifold w/ functioning IAB’s. (IAB’s made 5-7tq from off idle to 5200.)

I found it quite interesting and amazing with the power it made to the wheels using a stock GSR intake manifold, most people make those numbers using a stock Type R intake manifold or after market. Seeing this made me want to try using the stock GSR intake manifold as well on my build.

Here’s a video of the owners car on the dyno:

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