First wash of the season

Nice and clean

I also buffed and waxed my headlights

The hood bra is such a nice finishing touch…

… So I also put the whole front nose mask back on (Ninja mode)

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AE86 Tribute

It was this time of year back in 2003 when I first got a copy of Initial D in DIVX format. It was me and my two friends Marcus and Noah sitting in a room that had a broken AC on a hot ass summer evening watching Initial D. Man those were the days. I remember I had to find a subtitle program to translate the episodes, which was a pain in the ass back then but it was all worth it. Enjoy.

Here’s a post I made awhile back:

What is your favorite Honda engine?

B Series!

“The B16A and B16B and also the B18C, I really like the whole B-series of engines. They are real screamers! (lots of engine screaming sounds follow!) I’ll give you an example. Ferraris and Lamborghinis are like women that are great in bed, but not so great at cleaning the house or cooking. The B-series is a more balanced engine; it’s great in bed but also great at doing the chores. Frugal and civilized. You get the idea? Also, the most important thing about an engine is the noise and sound (more engine noises follow!). It has to give you goose bumps. Anyway, I like non-gimmicky cars, I like simple cars and engines.” – Tatsuru Ichishima


(Not my pictures) this is how I got the springs out. Place the socket and use a mallet to smack the keepers out!

Before smacking it

After smacking it

TADA! (my picture)

Oh and if you haven’t read yet, you need to peep this interview:

“focus more on the background and mechanical side of a car to fully understand its history and lineage. It’s just a different way of appreciating cars.”

“The goal is to keep enjoying Hondas for a long time to come, so that’s what I will be trying to achieve. So I hope Honda enthusiasts out there can enjoy this vision together with me.”

“A good balance between power, handling and light weight. For example a GT-R is exciting because of its power but then in a corner, a small well prepared Civic will easily overtake it. So balance through tuning is our philosophy.”

Rainy Wednesday

What do you think of this?

It’s deep enough to catch my finger nail on it, but I think milling the head a tad bit can fix this problem

I sent my main and rod bearings out to WPC Treatment last week and they came back today! Thank you Izumi-san!

I don’t have a a pic of the bearing before I sent it out but you can indeed see the smoothness.

It was storming like hell today but it calmed down while I was taking the head apart

Got the rocker arms and shaft out of the head

I don’t have a valve spring compressor so I decided to call it a day