Chilling, Partying, & Bullshitting


My homie Artem’s turbo Accord

Saw this dope old school Jaguar. Couldn’t get a good photo of it though.

He was tucking all 4 tires

06/28/2012 was the relaunch of Sacramento’s Skratch Pad


My homie Drew getting down on the tables

Next event Imma hop on the tables.

Staying busy

Staying busy to avoid idle thoughts.. and idle hands.

Job: Tranny swap and suspension install

Cooling the motors down:

Tranny swap:

Extended top hats installed onto new shocks

Job done, chill with a cold one.

Tearing down some blocks:

Brake job:

Working on the homies AE86:

One thing I like about working on anything with someone is the things the folks talk about, whether it’s something hilarious or expression to get shit off your chest. It’s relieving. It’s healthy.

“Meditation in the midst of activity is a thousand times superior to meditation in stillness” – Hakuin Ekaku

Stay busy my friends.