Bayline Historic Japanese Car Gathering

Me and Tougel headed to San Leandro, CA to check out the Historic Japanese car gathering.

I wanted to test out my “go pro” so I recorded some videos,  we also “attempted” to blast into a tunnel.. not what we expected (traffic, uneven road, etc.) but it was cool.

We arrived at the gathering  a hour early

I got to snapping photos of the car I wanted to see the most, Kenmeri

More folks started showing up

I like AE86’s the same way I like my Civic’s;  simple, clean and lowered.

Mark Arcenal showed up sporting the new wheels and lower stance:

I love Cressida’s:

When attending car shows/gatherings, its often that you will find some of the dopest cars in the parking lot.

This BMW is one of my favorites:

Civic Si E-AT

This 240 is my second favorite:

Kudo’s! LOL

Another video on the way back home. @ 1:40 that bump was harsh, I880 sucks!

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