“I guess it’s all about the bank and how much money’s in it”

“And Half Life, is like half broke.”

Nowadays it’s all about money. Whether its in Hip Hop, other media, and of course the automotive world.

Most (mainstream) “Rap” always talk about money and if someone disagrees with them, the fans of that musician will most likely respond with “he/she has more money than you!” At the end of the day I can care less about your money and what you do with it. The same applies to the automotive world (to me at least). One of the reasons I attend these car shows is to see what people purchase and put into their cars, what’s the new trend setter, etc. Just as I look at Hip Hop artists; I’m more concerned with what you do with your life, I’m already your fan. As I take this all in, I look at myself as well. I’m no baller, hell I’m rocking 13″ stock VX rims on my EG hatch (I do have some spotless HX rims as well!). With tons of money the possibilities are endless. I don’t make that much money, so I choose wisely what I purchase for my car and how I want it to reflect who I am. I’m not trying to be a show stopper. That’s not what a PVT Runner is about. I look at car shows as “night clubs” if you are not dressed to impress, you’re not getting in. I can’t get in. My car is nothing special. That’s not my kind of place. But don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against those folks who want to build their cars in that kind of way, there is nothing wrong with that.


(this photo was taken from my tumblr post)

I would much rather “shine” on the street, just as a Graffiti artist would do with his talent. Bomb the streets, leave his mark and remain low key. Then let the remnants haunt the memories of those who’ve seen it. In the April 2011 issue of Import Tuner, Tatsu Tsuchida said in the article “Bring it back” and I quote “When the hell did the bar for having a dope ride become a dipped undercarriage, ridiculously offset wheels, useless high-dollar accessories, and a trailer to escort to shows? … Have we forgotten our pocket-lint Taco Bell budget, living-under-mom’s-roof, having nothing, yet having-nothing-to-worry-about-past? … I have a new mission: to distance myself from my peers who are in search of the ‘finer things’ and get in touch with the young, broke, speed-hungry kid I once was …” I agree and relate to that 100%.

Catch me haunting the streets.