Ever wonder what ecu Kanjo runners use?

Kanjo runners have mildly tuned motors. Mostly stock with bolts ons that make it breathe very well. Some use ROMtuned ecu’s, and it’s not surprising to see Spoon Sport and Mugen ecu’s as seen here:

RIMG0244 RIMG0236 RIMG0237 RIMG0238

Which is inside of this:


And when it comes to engine management some use Haltech:

400397_3837403211652_738722510_n 65433_4130650062640_2026310316_n 25473_1299335601548_3084049_n
969695_503594209709478_2038924191_n 1379263_551898321545733_74740765_n

Looking back at the Tactical Art EG6, they were tuning it with a APexi Power FC, which is a good engine management system but there are better stand alones out there to fine tune their cars; AEM EMS and Hondata just to name a few. After chit chatting with some active Kanjo racers that also participate in circuit racing, they took a picture of what they are currently using:



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