Learn to be silent

and you will notice that you have said too much. If you see weakness or shortcoming in me, it’s from my own weakness or shortcoming.

Lately there has been a lot of talk in the streets, media and the internet about trends; the new “hype” and all that shit. That kind of gossip will always linger no matter what and it has been for the longest. The issue is getting caught in that kind of conversation. Instead of talking about the latest style and what’s gonna be the new trend, I’d rather just sit back and enjoy the good, the bad and the bullshit as a whole. Take things as they are. There will always be trendy people, the trend setters, shit talkers, hardcore track junkies who abide on only putting track effective parts on their cars, etc. If someone wants to put low offset rims on their car or a window net, custom rear diffuser yet never will take their car to the track; LET THEM. They’re enjoying their car. People get enough shit already. I’m sure they can care less about the next person who tells them how it’s not effective and how they fall under the category as a poseur. So why share your thoughts if you don’t have any positive things to say? I fell victim to these conversations. Even though they were among my peers, I felt I didn’t even wanna partake in them. But I had to add my two cents to basically say, “Let people do what they want.” I enjoy it all. Slammed pan scraping cars, kanjo runners, hardcore street drifting, circuit cars, track whores; YOU NAME IT. If it has wheels, I have some kind of interest in it. Even modern day smuggling, bootlegging and good ol’ car chases!

One of the first blogs I followed when I entered this blogging world is Jasonsgrainofsalt. Back in 2011, he said something that I’ve always agreed with:
“If one is constantly looking towards the negative, all they will get is the negative. Don’t let the scene have your own self-fulfilling prophecy. My perspective about the scene? It’s all positive. Making friends from around the world through shared interests is always a win.”

You don’t wanna be the topic of a negative conversation. Because, it’s no different from partaking in one.

I’m gonna enjoy my silence. Stay positive yall.



Words by PVT. Runner

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PVT Runner


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