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For my entire “career” in car modding, I’ve always been super all about helping people on styling and modding. But lately I’ve been getting questions like, “How do I put writing on my tires?”, “Can you make me tire stencils?”, or “Should I do a kanjo scheme on my car?” The answer is no. The popularity of “Kanjo styling” is relatively new to the masses. It’s not for everyone, and as someone who’s been following it for years, I’m not going to be one to contribute to it being sold out. Kanjo culture it self is very exclusive, so for someone like me to have emulated it outside of Japan, even my attempt is unwarranted. I just don’t want to see more half assed, bullshit attempts at kanjo style. On instagram alone, there’s already a ton of evidence of folks trying to exploit the name kanjo as some trendy shit…

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