Inspiration: When I grow up

I want to be like Kei Miura. Why? The OG Late Riser kanjo runner reminds me of a modern-day outlaw, my definition of a true gangsta.


(photo by Christopher Jue)

I mentioned before to my peers and on my tumblr that I’m reliving my childhood. Fixing up our PVT cars keeps me feeling young. It’s like I’m stuck in the 80’s and 90’s in a way. I like to surround myself with things that keep me in that mood and nostalgia, just as Miura-san does. I have never been to his shop (yet!) but from pictures and articles I can see that he does the same.


What inspires me the most about Miura-san is not only his work but his personality and attitude. Though he is known for his Rocket Bunny kits, one of his first moldings were for his personal Civic EF, the one-off 6666 Customs front bumper and side skirts. With that, his Civic stands out from all the norm.


He refuses to grow out of his yancha-bosouzoku past and he isn’t afraid to push his style to the limits, just as he threw a wrench into everyone’s gears at the 2009 Tokyo Auto Salon when he brought his Civic EF to show off.

p1 p6 p5p3 p2

Liss, Tougel and I had the opportunity to meet him last year, as well as other PVT Runner members like GeekyLurv. We also ran into him this year at Formula Drift round 1.


I found it funny when Kei Miura said in the SpeedHunters article Miura-san speads the Joy Of Machine  “expressways, piers and downtown streets were like racing circuits” that it was along the lines of when I said “I would treat my highways the same way as Kanjo racers would do in Osaka. I would also explore unknown parts (to me) of my home town.. I started looking at my city as a car playground and obstacle course” in the Private Runner Interview.


“No matter how many times we ran into guard rails or were caught by the police, we never gave up and just kept having fun driving our cars.”

– Kei Miura


Please Wait!!

You’re in your lowered vehicle and taking your sweet time going over a speed bump or entering/exiting a steep parking lot. You look in the rear view mirror and see that you have made traffic build up behind you. They’re all up on your ass, some of them honk and throw their hands up with the “wtf” jester. We all been there, and are still there. Well this will give them a fair warning.


We all have the right to modify our cars and drive them. I feel this sticker is common courtesy. If I had a car that topped out at 55 mph, I would post a sticker on the back of the window reading “slow driver” or something of that nature. “Please Wait” is a fair warning to others. NEXT MOTHERFUCKER WHO TAILGATES ME WHEN GOING OVER A SPEED BUMP WILL GET A BEAT DOWN.  Just kidding.. Or am I? This sticker plays a good role if you WANT to make traffic build up behind you, kind of like how these kanjozoku’s do it:

 “Please Wait!!” can also apply to the progress of your car. My car may not be complete and not look like much, but I still need to drive it. So, PLEASE WAIT!!


Still a champ

champ_5 champ_3 champ_4 champ_0 champ_6 champ_1

” 古い写真で画像が悪いです!

私は16歳で中免を取得して 16歳17歳 峠で走って

18歳からジムカーナに数回出場して 何故か勝ってしまって

18歳の終わりから EF9で 阿讃サーキットや中山サーキットで走り



21歳の時 50台以上エントリー車輌があったNCHKが かなり盛り上がっていた時期に

スポット参戦で 2位になり 商売も始めていたバブルの時代だったので EG6に乗り換えて

中山練習走行で死にかけて 親の一生のお願いを聞き入れて 引退しました(泣)

ちょっと天狗になりかけてた時期ですが 中山には 自分より速い人もいて FJ1600などに

上を目指していた人も多くて 鈴鹿で活躍した人も多くいました!

中山には 大阪近辺の関西の環状上がりも多くて みんな命知らずでした!

ハタチそこそこの若造でしたが 命をかけて 走っていました。

でも 中山サーキットは ヤンキーだらけで よくそこら中で 喧嘩してる人も

いました!若造の私は 怖かったです(笑)


自分の限界を知り 痛いのもイヤだったので 本当は引退しましたが・・・


工場の片隅に トロフィーとメダルが ホコリだらけで 少し置いています・・・

私のレーサーの室内ロールバーに TV局のカメラをいつも積んで走ってました!

ビデオも多数あるので 見たい人は 見て笑ってください!

何故かレース前インタビューの時は レーシングスーツじゃなくて 

私だけ アロハにリーゼント 鬼ソリコミのおバカな少年でした!

JAF戦 3年連続シリーズチャンプ
N1耐久 入賞 優勝
NCHKスポット参戦  2位
オプション2に 私のレーサーが取材を受けました!

Kazuhiro Furukawa is down with Private Runners

Last month, PVT Runner Tougel took a trip to Japan and paid Osaka JDM a visit. He gave the owner of OSAKA JDM, Kazuhiro Furukawa some Private Runners stickers.


I chatted with Kazuhiro, he told me on April 6th he will be doing a time attack at Central Circuit and he will paste the Private Runners sticker on his E-AT.

He kept his word.

1613985_303290066491923_4771137041362064460_n 2a8f7a08bd1711e39f530002c9df51de_8 10001456_820819804598905_2007214713_n10156822_621440961281983_148856738_n