“I remember watching Scarface the first time

look at that big house, that Porsche paid for by crime. ‘How could I sell this poison to my peoples’ in my mind? They dumb and destroy themselves is how I rationalize” – Nas






1378497_242819835872280_1718334752_n 944719_199290713558526_1991480887_n331351_336993202983363_1080761372_o335542_336993436316673_313015512_owall_of_jdm_wheels_wallpaper


I stumbled upon some folks making fake Osaka JDM products. Who they are doesn’t matter, it’s the fact that people are buying them. This offends not only the originators who made the product but also the enthusiast that supports the culture. I can’t stop people from buying fake or “replica” products, but if you like how the REAL product looks and you respect the people behind it then save up to buy the real deal. And if it’s an item that you can’t buy, don’t go and make it so you can rock it on your car and/or sell it.

I also been thinking about the bandwagon folks who are just now learning about a culture that’s been around for decades and are just now catching on. Misusing the word makes you look and sound like you lack knowledge. How can all of this be fixed? I thought about it and I decided, FUCK IT. Let them “destroy themselves” that is how I rationalize. Don’t try too hard now, please invest in quality and real parts if you’re going to hop on the bandwagon and go for that “look”. Stop buying crack. Get the real, pure shit.

Recently I saw a profile on Instagram that someone is claiming they are part of the Private Runner Street Family. I found it by checking the #privaterunners. Hash tags are open to anyone and everyone to use. But don’t get it twisted folks, yall know who the real PVT Runners are. We aren’t street racers, we aren’t kanjo racers (real kanjo racers are from Osaka), and we don’t have show cars. PVT isn’t a trend. It’s not a hype neither.

Peace peace yall.

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