Inspiration From Weird Places

“I need to work on me” that’s what I been doing brother.

Geeky LURV

As of late, I’ve had a lot of different plans of what I’ve wanted this Civic to become. All that noise is gone, and I’m definitely just going to keep it a simple street car until I’m in a different point in my life, not going to struggle and stress so hard just so it will be a tiny bit different for the next summer. From now on, it’s just going to be consumable items, and maintenance for this guy.

With it’s recent rise in popularity, I’ve noticed a lot of hate on Kanjo and it’s culture, specifically from track guys. I understand why they dislike it, they track to keep it off the streets. But to me, when it comes to FF Hondas, Kanjo is what makes the most sense. It’s where my roots are, and those roots are deep, with the release of that Kanjozoku video, I’ve even…

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“Where’s that driving music man?

Who used to wail out back?”

Driving Music:

Meet Perturbator [Illustrations by Ariel Zucker-Brull]


This is the track that did it for me:

After hearing his sound, he became one of my favorite artists.


“This is the story of someone who has nothing left to lose, wandering in the hostile neon-soaked dirty streets of a city from the future, armed and dangerous. This is your story.

No one really knows what kind of danger you will encounter during this journey into madness. You know you’re not alone, but you are ready. You are the night. Now, lights off.”


“You are the night.
Your loved ones are gone now, leaving only blackness ahead. Humanity failed you. They let technology become a threat.
You are the war against machines.

They tried to make you software. But you’re not like the rest.
You are half machine now. More powerful. More fierce. And you only want one thing: to meet the one responsible for the hardware. There are no rules anymore. Kill or be killed. Take advantage of what they have made of you and enact a terrible revenge.

By the end of this journey you will meet your Maker, surrounded by all the desolation he created. A computer. Codename: Satan. Programmed to do only one thing: Erase all traces of the human race.

This is Nocturne City. The year is 2088 and you are about to embark on a journey into an urban nightmare.”


I notice to feel his music in full effect, listen to it at night. Especially while driving your machine.


“Plays in my head almost every time I’m out on my bike going faster than I should be” – NecroPsyChroNauTron commenting on the song Raining Steel

What’s your definition

of Carboy/Cargirl spirit?

For those who don’t know, Carboy is a magazine in Japan that covers anything and everything that deals with tuning cars.

carboy1 4390860087_ed500dd78d_b[Picture via David Do of Mayday Garage]

People have been using the term “Carboy” the same way as the word “car enthusiast” and/or a true “gear head”.

My question is: What’s your definition of the term?


“You may not agree with what they cover. You may scoff at their latest feature. But at the end of the day I will support any and all automotive blogs and sites that I can. True Carboy spirit.” – @team_not_you


“Someone who is obsessed with cars but at a more technical level, has one or more cars, that he/she constantly works on themselves and/or drives with spirit but usually both… someone with these attributes and knowledge I would consider to be a carboy or have carboy spirit.” – Team Limit/Limit Auto/Grip Burglars

Some definitions from the street family:

605567 MJones_CarsandCoffee-48

“Giving it hell and having fun doing it! While, enjoying what you’ve built, the culture, and friends you make along the way.” – @stache4cash


“Carboy spirit is just staying true and loyal to the game. Loving the culture and having fun with it. Not doing it because it’s the trend or how would you say “faking the funk”. You know you’re in love with cars when you just sit and stare at it for no apparent reason and just admire it (which is what I do btw) lol . Always striving to expand your cars capabilities and go beyond it’s limits. That’s what carboy spirit is. At least to me.” – @_dirtydanz


“Being passionate about what you like and respecting what you don’t.” – @miss_ej1


“Only you know your car. And how much love, passion, and effort you put into it. The car shows and reflects a piece of that person’s aura. When I look at your car or Kitty’s car I see you guys in them; Tougel in his EF, etc. People’s personalities shining through their build.” – @midnightmenu


“Carboy/Cargirl is simply an enthusiast of unbiased love for car life” – @killer_kunoichi


“My outlook, love the culture and have fun with it. You know you love cars in general when you look at the ones that you see everyday and wonder why the company built it and the purpose they wanted it to serve to the consumer. I spend countless minutes (and many cigarettes) of my days staring at mine and Kitty’s cars thinking about what I should do next. No need to rush things. Take your time to figure out what you want to do next. Aim to change the way a lot of people look at the culture. Be you. Be your own style. Follow your element. Don’t attend to negativity, for that just generates more negative energy. Be in your own world, make everything CʘʘL in your eyes. Drive to clear your mind. Drive to test yourself. When you work on your driving, you work on yourself.”
– @Private_Runner