Inspiration From Weird Places

“I need to work on me” that’s what I been doing brother.

Geeky LURV

As of late, I’ve had a lot of different plans of what I’ve wanted this Civic to become. All that noise is gone, and I’m definitely just going to keep it a simple street car until I’m in a different point in my life, not going to struggle and stress so hard just so it will be a tiny bit different for the next summer. From now on, it’s just going to be consumable items, and maintenance for this guy.

With it’s recent rise in popularity, I’ve noticed a lot of hate on Kanjo and it’s culture, specifically from track guys. I understand why they dislike it, they track to keep it off the streets. But to me, when it comes to FF Hondas, Kanjo is what makes the most sense. It’s where my roots are, and those roots are deep, with the release of that Kanjozoku video, I’ve even…

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