Garage Life: Fate’s Cruelty – Kristian’s Late Season Engine Trouble


“Diligence is the mother of good fortune.”

Before I jumped into the coverage Sekinei got of this past weekend’s Skyline Owner’s Battle, I wanted to address an issue closer to home.  For those that weren’t aware, our good friend Kristian had, for lack of better terms, massive engine failure this past week when he was driving home from work.  I use the term massive because it basically rendered the current engine useless in it’s state.  This means that in order to finish off the season, compete in Super Street’s FF Battle, and possibly the VTEC Club events that wrap up this year, he would have to give it his all to tear the engine down and replace the block.

If there ever was an example of diligence, Kristian showed it this weekend.  In two days time, removing the engine, tearing it down to replace the block, reassembling all to have…

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