A few months back Kazuhiro picked up a “new toy” and fitted it with the Osaka JDM EF wide fenders. Looks pretty dope. I always wondered where tuner shops pick up new toys like this. The livery looks very 90’s styled. Make you wonder who raced it before in the past..

10557161_679256018833810_6439843052007085016_n 10288771_682006875225391_3310121899454053143_n 10609559_695822440510501_6764538790715603350_n 10494560_682483231844422_1632421560909578471_n 1551777_685931424832936_2072586677250974963_n 10153904_722962824449848_8461608512974042392_n 10559704_687006471392098_8415699256753814783_n 10448238_687006551392090_6495973579160219613_n 10592743_698498810242864_3015993544165294958_n 10684120_707317252650002_812024636_n 10365715_691953100897435_7023000442469659467_n 10701950_728182213941190_2237864021838194209_n 10704070_714446525314759_2075789434903416616_n

Power Sports/Garage Yasugi video from 1995

image6 image g-yasu36 g-yasu22 g-yasu25 g-yasu52 g-yasu55

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