Inspiration from different places: Dubai



One of the most wealthiest places on this planet.


Super cars are all part of the norm here.

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You’ll see people drifting anything and getting cars to ride on two wheels.


Even the police have super cars.


But Aboodo doesn’t own a super car. On a lone, dark, quiet night; you might see him hooning on the streets.


“With it’s recent rise in popularity, I’ve noticed a lot of hate on Kanjo and it’s culture, specifically from track guys. I understand why they dislike it, they track to keep it off the streets. But to me, when it comes to FF Honda’s, Kanjo is what makes the most sense.” – Geeky LURv

Aboodo agrees with that as well.


Whether it’s here in America or overseas, I find it refreshing seeing a car like this among exotics. If I had to choose, I would still pick a Civic over a sporty ride.

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“People here love to drive their SUVs on two wheels. It’s all about money here nothing else. Where as tuning Honda’s, there’s no one here. I am only the one along with my bro.” – Aboodo
Aboodo has a collection of real authentic wheels.


After seeing Kei Miura’s EF, Aboodo was inspired to build a Civic EF. The fact that he lives in a desert, I get a Mad Max feeling from his Civic lol


Overseas car culture will never cease to amaze me. Aboodo is having fun with his car. And that’s what matters. I been preaching it a lot on this blog, and I tend to stress that because I feel this year is the “year of hate.” A lot of people criticizing and talking some jive, it’s like a lot of people have lost the love, or maybe we just been hearing feedback from the wrong folks. Do what you want. Steer away from the norm. Find inspiration from weird and different places. With money over powering builds and lifestyle, sometimes you need to step away from that “wealth” and just have some priceless fun. As my friend Alexander from Russia would say:

“I Need Fun!”


Have fun y’all1911796_10151877143121780_625056246_n

Front Cusco strut bar front
Mugen shift knob
Bride Zeta 1 carbon kevlar seat
TEIN Type H coilover taken out of a crx race car from Japan
Osaka JDM Devil wing

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2 thoughts on “Inspiration from different places: Dubai”

  1. Nice write up bro.i thot people here in dubai was not into kanjo & jdm things as many of them into sportscar and muscles.hope one day i can join you also ;p.
    Anyway nice collection n ride you have there.

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