This video hit the nail on the f*cking head!


In my opinion, nothing screams out 1995 like an EG hatchback. Mine in particular, the VX model.



No power steering, no ac, no adjustable steering wheel, and no power windows. Just a very light base model Civic hatchback with stock from factory alloy wheels. I remember having a hard time finding decent tires for them back when I bought it in 2004 (It was bone stock by the way). Matter of fact, I remember every memory with this car.


My first modification was a B series swap. The second, TEIN Super Street coilovers (already installed in these photos) and the fog light kit. No matter where I parked the car, I always looked back at least 3 times (til this very day) because this was and still is my dream car (also to make sure it’s still there). Today I never go too far from my car, it’s always in my field of vision.


 Before I bought my car, I remember hanging out with one of my best friends and always talking about the day I get an EG. Our plan was to drive it til the break of dawn… And that’s exactly what we did.


“Today we spend less time experiencing memories, and more time editing them. What we show people online is carefully vetted. Whether we realize it or not. But the EH hatch is a raw experience, that exist without editing. It’s not the build video where you never see a wrench slip off the nut, or you never see them lose their 10mm socket. And to be fair, people really don’t want to see those things. Our reality now is stream lined for better or worse. But the EH hatch isn’t. It’s a reminder that reality is a collection of imperfections we just sort of deal with. And that’s OK.”


Remember this CRX?

01 02 03 04 14

Of course you do.
For those who don’t know, the owner of this magnificent CRX is Wayne Denman.
IMO this was the game changer CRX back in the early 2000’s (along with a lot of Hawaiian cars).
However, the car was lost in 2004 in an accident. (Thank the heavens he walked away alive!)
After that incident he built this CRX, dubbed the “JUNcr-x”juncrx_01 juncrx_02 juncrx_03 juncrx_04 juncrx_05

The specs were:

JUN ported ITR head
JUN valvesprings
JUN retainers
JUN stageIII cams/gears
stock ITR valves
stock ITR IM portmatched
DH racing 65mm TB
AEBS fuel rail
RC 440 injectors
ghetto intake w/HKS filter
AN-R header

B20Z 84mm
ARP headstuds
cometic headgasket
EAGLE rods
WISECO 12.1 pistons
stock crank/sleeves
ITR oilpump/waterpump
oem Honda bearings
MOROSO oilpan

B16 gears
4.4 final
CTR helical LSD
EXEDY clutch
JUN ultralight flywheel

MSD 6al
APEXi N1 itr suspension
custom crossmember
stock front swaybar
6pt chromolly cage
4gallon fuel cell(in stock gastank location)6an
japan front end(modified US mugen style bodykit)
japan ef8 front and rear disc conversion
SPOON SW388 15×6.5
FALKEN azenis 205 55

220.3 hp 149.6 lb torque WHP pumpgas 92 oct

 He ended up selling the car in 2007.
We all have seen situations like that before…
An enthusiast selling his/her baby and thinking that they’re out of the game for good…
Then one day out of the blue they get that itch to build another…!