That time of the year again

I’ve always liked October. As a kid I was always excited for Halloween. I’m one of those people who look at that day as a holiday. It’s a month of ghostly ghouls and other things of occult nature. Looking back of all types of ghost stories and even folklore, it makes you wonder what the elders really saw back in the days… I don’t think it was stuff just to scare little kids, but more of a way to explain abnormal events and/or hallucinations and bad dreams… But you can’t deny the fact that it could be real. I myself had experiences of the paranormal, therefore I am a believer. Being of Filipino decent, I remember hearing stories from my mother about how she used to play in the outskirts of her province as a child in the Philippines, and she would find huge human-like foot prints in the dirt, along with small piles of ash with cigar butts near them. All evidence of the Kapre. My friend’s father had a chilling experience with one of those creatures. But I’ll get into those stories in another post. It’s Friday and I’m typing this post on my phone while at work lol and I’m about to go home and watch some ghost adventures or something.

Kick off your first Friday of October with a classic, and one of the best music videos in of all time.


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