A story of a Kapre

Kapre: A tree elemental spirit that looks like a great mixture of human and ape. It is generally a giant, 8 feet tall, with black or brown, long course hair including a beard and eyes that burn like a cigar tip. Its favorite activities include smoking cigars, misleading travelers, tricking people, gambling, and drinking.

But to some, they can be very friendly and can actually be a companion…

This story takes place in the Philippines. My friend’s dad Willy, was a well known biker and gun enthusiast in his province. One day he was cut off by a Jeepney causing him to be thrown off his motorcycle. In anger he pulls out his hand gun, ready to shoot at the Jeepney. But he knows how irrational that is and calmly puts it away.

Looking at his motorcycle, it’s not as bad as he thought, it can be fixed. That night he gathers some of his friends to come over and have a night dedicated to fix his bike, along with some drinks and smokes of course. He lives deeper into the province, away from the city. The area where they are all kicking it has a tree near them. The night goes on and they’re shooting the shit, drinking, smoking and cracking jokes. One of his friends who is a prankster says a funny joke and they all bust up laughing, but then they all hear a laugh that’s distinctly different. Things get quiet for a second and they all looked around. Nothing. They all thought maybe they’re all tripping and it’s probably the alcohol fuckin with their heads or something. They paid no attention and went along with their night.

A few hours pass and the bike gets fully repaired. Another friend cracks a joke about how he hopes the bike doesn’t take another fall since it’s fixed now. They all laugh and then they hear the distinctive laughter again. They all look at his prankster friend and ask if he’s pulling some prank on them, but he’s just as shook as the rest of them. They all grab their guns and yell if anyone is there. No answer. Suddenly the tree which is a few yards away from them shakes violently. Confused and scared they all aim at the tree. They give a fair warning saying they will light up the tree with gun fire if anything is there. Taking consideration that it is pretty late and waking up the rest of their province with gun fire will be very startling for the residents. Willy signals to his friends that he’ll do one shot at the tree as a fair warning. He aims and pulls the trigger, nothing fires. He’s bugging out because as a gun enthusiast, along with the rest of his friends, they always keep their guns clean and up to par. Willy aims again and pulls the trigger, nothing happens. The tree shakes violently and they all hear a loud laughter coming from it. Willy aims away from the tree and pulls the trigger and the gun fires. Scared and shook he aims back at the tree and the gun doesn’t shoot. He looks at his friends and they’re all backed up against the house and look scared as fuck. One friend breaks out in a prayer and starts apologizing, that’s when they all realize they’re dealing with a supernatural presence. Willy puts the gun down and starts apologizing too. He starts saying he meant no harm and his actions were due to him being in fear. They hear some movement in the tree, then it’s quiet. Willy’s dad then peeks outside and walks out asking wtf is going on. They all turn to Willy’s dad in silence. Willy’s dad then says “All your eyes are bloodshot! Wtf are you guys doing?! Go home everyone!”

The next morning Willy wakes up with his chest feeling heavy and with a cough, like he’s been smoking all night long. If you’re a smoker, you know how it is when you’re hanging out with your friends on a night of drinking, you chain smoke. But his chest feels like he was chain smoking Swisher’s all night, like he was smoking something heavy and thick like a backwood cigar. Willy gets up and goes to the kitchen and sees his dad sitting on the porch looking towards the tree. He goes up to his dad and apologizes about last night. His dad sits there quietly then points at the tree. “That tree was there way before we built this house. I wonder what’s the age of that tree…” His dad then turns and looks at Willy, his eyes are bloodshot. Willy gasps and asks if he’s ok. Willy’s dad tells him “the day we moved in, I made a friend. He lives in that tree, don’t fuck with him.” His dad hands him a fatty cigar and tells Willy to leave it under the tree. The day goes on and they both run to the city together for some errands. As they return to the house Willy and his dad smell cigar smoke. He looks over at the tree and there he sees a little smoke coming from the trunk of the tree. He walks up and sees that it’s the butt of the cigar as if it just got done being smoked. Near the cigar there are big foot prints all around the tree, bigger than any humans feet.

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