Scent of a Ghost PT. 2

This takes place at the same company I mentioned in the previous post.

On those nightly walks, I would pass a smoking area. One of the engineers that stayed on site for the 2nd shift was a prankster and all around goofy guy. Smart as hell, he knew his job well. He did have moments where he just seemed a little out there though. Every break I would see him in the smoking area having a cigarette. Sometimes I would stop and join him, other times just say wsup and go about my business. I have heard stories about how he is outside of work, and how he’s even more crazier at parties (I witnessed it too lol). He doesn’t get reckless or anything, but when he parties, he goes hard.

He had a particular posture when he smoked. Something like this

One Friday, he kept talking about a big party he wanted us to go to. If we wanted to see him go super HAAM he told us to come through, and we’ll see how his whole clique also goes HAAM. I ended up not going cuz I heard some stories from co-workers that his crew bust out with some hardcore drugs at their parties, and I’m cool off of that. The end of the shift came, and he told us he hopes he’ll see us there. The weekend went by quick like usual. Monday came and he didn’t show up at work. Tuesday came and we heard terrible news… That night of the party he overdosed on heroin.

Sad news spread across the company. We attended his viewing, then went on with our lives. A week past, me and some of my co-workers did our nightly walk. The air that night was different. It was also oddly quiet. Not even crickets were chirping nor wind blowing. As we approached the smoking area, we smelled cigarettes. No biggie, probably just someone smoking. As we got closer to the smoking area we see cigarette smoke and a silhouette of someone with the same posture as the engineer that passed away. By the time we got to the smoking area, we all fucking froze. There he was, clear as day having a cigarette wearing his work shirt. We watched him inhale the cigarette smoke and exhale it out. I even saw the glow of the ember. I blinked, others did a double take, and in that instant he was gone. The smoke in the air was gone along with the smell of cigarettes. It felt like we stood there for 10 mins, perhaps it was less. But I remember we all stood there quiet for a period of time, then we all looked at each other and tried to comprehend what we saw.

Paranormal experts say there’s various types of hauntings. Intelligent, residual, demonic, supernatural, etc. I feel this was a residual haunting. Meaning, what we saw was possibly the reenactment of his daily patterns. If we would of tried to contact him he wouldn’t even know we were there. A piece of him didn’t move on, yet. But there’s a chance that it could of been an intelligent haunting… Perhaps he wanted to have one last cigarette and say hello. Or maybe he wanted to know why we didn’t show up to the party. What if he wanted to tell us about the party in the after life…?

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