Family mods pt 2

Don’t skimp out on quality parts, even if it’s a silencer.

Old vs New

The shiney one is much more quiet, but restrictive as hell. And it’s all due to this design

It forces the exhaust flow around the blockage and through the holes on the inner cylinder. While the newer one has only a center opening on the inner cylinder. It’s a tad bit louder but not by much, and definitely not as restrictive.

Notice you can still hear the music! Definitely a good silencer if you want to just “cruise” and not attract attention. Peace for now.

Family mods

Maaaaaaaaaannn…. I tried to quiet down my exhaust in soo many ways, it ain’t even funny… Ryu just doesn’t like it at all. All the ecv’s I test fitted were a no go. I will need to do some cutting and welding to make them fit the way I want it. Plug and play won’t work due to fitment issues.

The exhaust tone doesn’t bother me too much while driving, it’s the initial start up. If I’m leaving my house late at night to go on a run, I don’t wanna wake up the whole household, especially my child.

Which lead me to doing the most basic add on to quiet the Asahi muffler down…

Yup. A basic-ass silencer. Never in my life have I thought a day would come where I would install a silencer on my whip. LOL! But yo, this is a sign. If I want to be quiet all the time, then I would put the stock muffler back on. The moment I finally let Ryu breathe, it’s as if he was meant to be louder. The reign of silence is over. It’s time for that champion sound.

This is the first and best family modification I ever installed lol. The silencer comes in handy if I ever need to take it out during the day, but best believe that shit is coming out once I pull away from my crib at night! Hahahahaha! I will post some sound clips later, when I get a legit db reader. Stay safe, stay healthy πŸ“ΏπŸ™πŸ“Ώ Peace.