Silent Hill

No ghost stories this year. Why? Cuz 2020 IS A GHOST STORY

Silent Hill is an alternate reality made from human thoughts, emotion and psyche. It just so happens that it’s all based on the negative aspect of those categories. Being a practitioner of Buddhism, I have made the connection that is shared in many eastern beliefs of suffering and realms of suffering. We, right now are in Samsara. However, there are realms where terrifying creatures live that have vast appetites but mouths the size of needles… sounds like Pyramid Head to me…

Pyramid Head is the reflection of the main character’s guilt and punishment in Silent Hill 2…

That’s why I made the connection that since the creators of Silent Hill are Japanese and their belief system is based off of Buddhism and Shinto, as well as other eastern beliefs, that Silent Hill is a reflections of those views. A realm where there’s endless suffering and scary-absurd disgusting creatures live, sure sounds like the many realms of suffering and limbo. With that being said, if the realm where Silent Hill really does exist, quit contributing to that realm. Live a honest and meaningful life with no regret and guilt. Now from my connections of Buddhism I happen to find these videos very interesting:

I agree.

As scary as the monsters are in that realm, they are reflections of our own mind. Besides all the terror that is found in the human mind; lies sadness and loneliness, which I feel can be just as terrifying as monsters…

Practice your mantras and cleanse yourself! 🙏

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