Candle Chant

My family lost someone today from suicide. When a soul is leaving the earth and the process of Bardo begins, do your best to be strong and not to cry. For that the soul of the lost one will be confused. Bless their soul by lighting a candle to help guide them to the after life. There are 6 worlds of reincarnation. If he ends up in the animal world, may he become a lion and have the world hear his roar. If back into the human realm, May he find the love that keeps him going. Which ever realm he ends up in, May he find liberation and ascend into the Absolute. We love you Paolo. 📿🙏📿
If anyone has thoughts of suicide, seek help. Suicide is not the answer. The world cares for you, the universe loves you.

Tyrone Biggums

Is the name of the dude who processed my order. I ordered a generic reservoir socks and they give me knock off Mugen socks. Let’s call them Mugan. Lol

I also decided it’s time to drain my catch can. It’s been two years since I installed it, let’s see what’s inside!

Not a lot came out. That’s a good sign!
That’s how it should look!
Also I’m really happy how this came out. My air horn compressor is mounted in a Feng shui fashion and it’s secure.
How it looked before. Had it in that position for years.

On this date in 1960

The Twilight Zone aired the episode “The Howling Man”

Synopsis: Seeking refuge from a storm, a traveler comes upon a bizarre abbey of monks, who have imprisoned a man who begs for his help. When he confronts the head monk, he is told that the man is the Devil, and he must decide whom to believe.

You haven’t put an end to-to suffering.
There’s still murders, robberies. Even now
while we’re talking, people are starving.
The suffering man was meant to endure. We
cause most of our own grief. We need no
help from him. It is the unnatural
catastrophe, the great wars, the
overwhelming pestilences, the wholesale
sinning that we have stopped.

Find a way to watch it. It’s on Hulu. To me this episode says a lot, I put my self in Monk Jerome’s shoes; trying to awaken the masses. If you don’t watch it, what do you think Mr. Ellington did???