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For those who don’t know, Primo is not affiliated with Honda Racing. They were one of the three dealerships that sold selected Honda cars along with motorcycles and scooters.

Very informative video for those who don’t know. Shout out to Midnight Garage!

The reason I rock the Primo banner is because it’s a sign of homage to that era of time (I’m always reminiscing like Kei Miura reminisces about his Yancha days. I miss that shit too). Also cars that had their banner in racing (which Primo did sponsor some cars), were bought brand new, (the first EG was sold at the end of 1991, releasing as a 1992 model) and the banner was placed for competition use.

Cannot be used on public roads
Competition-specific parts

That’s another homage to that; as if I bought the car brand new with the banner already install, stripped and gutted the interior, and took it out for some shredding (just like the Kanjozoku’s did with this chassis and took it to the track and Loop).

Fun fact: cars that had the Eikoh! Stickers had their suspension and/or muffler.

Long live those days, cuz if your mind can go there, then why can’t you?

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      1. Ima have to hit up my boy Jo and see if he can get his hands on one.

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