Good example

that shows how often Macau races restart due to crashes. Average race at Macau is bout 45 mins. This one is over an hour due to restarting. Amazingly, no one was injured in all those crashes.

Fun fact about these Civic races at Macau is that these cars were filled up with the highest octane available at regular petrol stations prior entering the race, which is tested and documented once the team checks in to the event. Teams must be possible to take 3 litres of fuel at any time during the event. The controlled fuel will be made available by the Organizer. Only the controlled fuel as supplied by the Organizer may be used throughout the Event. The fuel will be unleaded fuel of the commercial petrol which comes from a service station pump. The specification of the fuel will be notified to the competitors by Bulletin before the start of the Event. 🤯 Any alteration to the specification of the controlled fuel as supplied by the Organizer will result in exclusion from the Event.

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