As I mentioned before. Who would of thought that creating PVT Runners would create an art form? I believe one of the reasons it happened that way was because I spoke about the unspeakable: Being in the car world/culture and having no ego. A topic inside other peoples heads that they knew of, yet never expressed it. It’s the expression that’s in our philosophy. It’s not racing, it’s RUNNING. It seems as soon as I expressed it, others caught on and started doing the same. Just as before PVT Runners, no one had the word “Runner” in their “team names” etc.

“Don’t ever believe in anybody who tells you that Tantra has a different theory of reality” – Robert Thurman

With that being said, a PVT RUNNER is a way life and a state of being. The Running Temple is a deity in a sense (as well as a monk). It is the emanation of the PVT Runners teachings and philosophy. It holds the roots of the origin and where it is going today. Only a few know the esoteric teachings. For that they are secret for a reason…

Business Loop 80. Whatchu know bout that?

TANTRA is one way to learn it. The other ways involve dark rites and rituals that will scare away the common mind (ever heard of BDD?). Some people are givers in this world, and they need to know their limits, because the receivers don’t have any limits. If you want to learn anything in general, you do research right? Never ask to be spoon fed, it doesn’t teach you anything. Remember, sometimes you gotta look within to find answers. Peace.


Ghost story

This takes place in the year 2005 in Sacramento. Me and a buddy of mine use to go searching for places that are reportedly haunted. We were looking for a location in Fair Oaks but we couldn’t find it. That’s when we stumbled upon a path way that lead to a pedestrian bridge. My buddy claimed he’s heard of this bridge and how people go there at night to fish. We weren’t too familiar to the area so we approached with caution. In a distance we saw a figure standing on the bridge, it could be anyone and anything. We had a dead flashlight and some pocket knives on us, didn’t want to risk it, so we left for that night.

We planned to go the next night, this time prepared. From my recollection, my heater hoses started leaking (B18C1 GSR heater hoses have a unique design btw) and I needed to fix it ASAP. With that being said, my buddy decided to go check it out by himself so he knows the surroundings the next time we decide to go. He went with a flashlight, a big ass knife and a hand gun for protection. As he approached the path, he realized that there’s lamp posts there, but they weren’t working the night we both went. On that night only one was working and it was the last lamp post before entering the bridge. The light was very dim. He stood at the entrance to the bridge and managed to see a “lady” in a distance on the bridge, probably 15 yards from him. He didn’t wanna frighten her so he tried to communicate to her but she wasn’t responding. It’s pitch black on the bridge, so he turned on his flash light. He kept his flash light low and slowly raised up the light, he managed to make out a pair of legs but that’s when he realized he could see through them…

My buddy told me that he never ran that fast in his life and maybe he should join the olympics. He never got to see her face, he ran like the wind. Wouldn’t you!? After he told me this story we started looking up ghost stories and urban legends in the area. We happened to find one about a lady who haunts one of the near by beaches along the river, but not on the bridge… was it her or something else?