The fact that the police look at the kanjozoku as “reckless” makes them approach with caution. Regular police usually don’t do shit besides tell the kanjozoku to fuck off. However, an unmarked Mark X (single beacon) police car can easily catch up to the kanjozoku when they’re hitting VTEC in fifth gear going 200kmh+. But what the police lack is the kanjozoku’s advantage. What the kanjozoku have over the police is fearlessness and all out skills. If it turns into hot pursuit, the k’zoku’s will do what ever it takes to get away. This is their middle finger to the law and to the law abiding world.

Muffler Man

One of Car Make TANTRA’s specialties is muffler production and repair/rebuild/restoration. Restoration because sometimes repair isn’t needed! Just a touch up! The kanjozoku and other Osaka-Honda folks perform these tasks on their Eikoh! mufflers (as well as rare/one-off mufflers) to maintain them. Some even upgrade them to Titanium.

Titanium Eikoh!






Titanium 👨‍🏭

N1 Magic parts are sat with sage/purification herbs and blessed using Ancient rituals and chants. ✌️