Muffler Man

One of Car Make TANTRA’s specialties is muffler production and repair/rebuild/restoration. Restoration because sometimes repair isn’t needed! Just a touch up! The kanjozoku and other Osaka-Honda folks perform these tasks on their Eikoh! mufflers (as well as rare/one-off mufflers) to maintain them. Some even upgrade them to Titanium.

Titanium Eikoh!






Titanium 👨‍🏭

N1 Magic parts are sat with sage/purification herbs and blessed using Ancient rituals and chants. ✌️


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2 thoughts on “Muffler Man”

  1. Hey I’m super intrigued by this style of exhaust, I tried to do some more research on EIKOH, and came up with nothing, from what I assume out of your posts, Eikoh was a brand back in the day, probably rare enough to not really exist on yahoo auctions?

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