a boy has the right to dream
there are endless possibilities stretched out before him
(You have to trust in your own power)
(What ever happens for now on you stand firm and face your destiny without fear but with courage)
what awaits him down the path he will
then have to choose
(no one’s going to give you a map you’ve got to walk your own path)
(children leave their homes in search of this quest)
(what is thy desire?)
as they search they are always asking
questions: What’s out there? what’s waiting for me?
(why was i made? who made me?
and what did they make me for?)
(are you gonna go up into space with your
old man or not?)
(maybe i’ll never get over this)
(i’ve lived my life following my dreams
and i don’t have any regrets)
(you’re gonna just keep running away?
just keep running away?
i’m not running)
believe in yourself and create your own destiny. don’t fear failure

Believe in yourself

And create your own destiny.

Don’t fear failure.

Opera Philosophy

If you don’t have a philosophy for your own life, you will lose at life. You have to develop your own formulas. What makes you, you?

Once upon a time, a fuckboy tried to flex on me about my philosophy of life. Of course he did it through messaging because people like him can’t say things like that in person. They’re cowards. The joke of it all is that he was fake since the day I met him. Don’t be that person. Also don’t be that person that thinks getting everything you want in life is success. Remember without a struggle there is no gain.