No matter

What the price is, matter the cost, we got to make it today.

“Had I not known sorrow and remorse,
How could I have entered the path to liberation?”
“Had I not placed my trust in a teacher,
How could I have attained the ultimate power?”

Lace up

“Enlightenment isn’t a point where everything stops and you’ve made it, forever surrounded by a halo of bliss. It is something alive, something that pushes you on every day, whether you are a Daigyoman Ajari on Mount Hiei or a data-management assistant in an office in Hounslow. Something deep inside us wants to know that place, to find it again, to return to it. And for some of us, it means lacing up our shoes and heading out for another run.” – a Marathon Monk of Mt. Hiei

Temple Insider

“Tara protects and dispels both outer and inner obstacles. By reciting Tara’s mantra, it purifies misdeeds created by our body, speech and mind. It frees us from the lower realms, and it has the ability to dispel obstacles created by maras. Reciting the mantra will help us to generate an altruistic mind and to accumulate good merit. We pray that Tara may please bestow the blessings that all infinite sentient beings will enjoy long life, good health, prosperity and so on. And specifically, may obstacles, confusion of obscurations, and any untimely death be cleared by these blessings. May we quickly achieve the liberation of Buddhahood for the benefit of all sentient beings. May all the favorable conditions of the sentient beings in the world increase like the waxing moon. May they be quickly established into the Vajradhara state of enlightened mind. If this is not possible in this life, may Tara be our Yidam deity in both this life and next life, bestowing the blessings and may we never be separated for one moment until we are free from samsara.” – Drikung Kyobpa Choling

☂️⛱️☔️ mantras are written all over the Running Temple. Some are easily seen, while others are hidden in plain sight 👁
3. A lot of.
Hella Hands. An emanation of God Hands
Hella 🙏 Hands
Prayer flags and many artifacts are embedded and consecrated within the Temple. Tantepa’s dice, blessed amulets, and roughly English translated k-zoku relics to name a few.
Air intake is purified by Vajrasattva. Dorje Drollo takes care of the spark ⚡️and combustion 🔥 and keeps everything in harmony along with Sitatapatra and Lion-Face Dakini; dispelling all unpredictable misfortunes, bad luck, obstacles and all negative energy. Yamantaka to keep an extra eye on things along the timing side.
Along side another Running Temple.