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Abandoned 2

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These are still abandoned:

Pt 1 found here


Battle Ship Island

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I rarely see information of this island being explored. This video by Exploring With Steve, gives a more in-depth and updated view than what’s already put out there. Keep it up Steve!

Quiet Time

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Shout out to Dan Bell/Film It!

I been a fan of Urbex for awhile now. What I like about Dan Bell’s Quiet Time series is that it captures the solitude of abandoned places. For those who have been to abandoned places, it can really be creepy, disgusting, and dangerous. But outside of all that is pure serenity.

I travel a lot from San Diego to Sacramento. Along the interstate all you see is service stations and motels, some still in service, some long gone and empty. I always wanted to grab a room for a night and check out the surrounding areas. By exploring, you really learn a lot about an area. It’s human nature to explore.

The beginning segment of this video shows an abandoned motel with a carport for each room. I found this very cool. I haven’t seen a motel like this myself, but I heard there are a bunch of these motels (still in service) along Route 66. If I would end up getting a room for a night, I would like to have my car parked in a safe area where I can see and hear it!








I looked up the name Gateway Motel and came across some photos via Abandoned.Earth



 Happy Exploring y’all!


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