“I have habits because of

the Kanjo, even now on the circuit I slalom through the cars.
The kanjo cannot get out of me.”
– Kazuhiro

kazukanjyo07kazukanjyo06 kazukanjyo05 kazukanjyo04 kazukanjyo


“There is the origin of the Kanjo to me.
株カークラフトブーン 古川一弘” – Kazuhiro


Kazuhiro supports the Private Runners Street Family.
The feeling is mutual. Thank you Kazuhiro!


Kazuhiro Furukawa is down with Private Runners

Last month, PVT Runner Tougel took a trip to Japan and paid Osaka JDM a visit. He gave the owner of OSAKA JDM, Kazuhiro Furukawa some Private Runners stickers.


I chatted with Kazuhiro, he told me on April 6th he will be doing a time attack at Central Circuit and he will paste the Private Runners sticker on his E-AT.

He kept his word.

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