If you’re not from Osaka

then you’re not a kanjo racer.

In reference to the previous reblog from Geeky Lurv’s post, I been feeling the same way.

From doing my research and chatting with folks from Late Riser, No Good and Law Break I feel I don’t want to hand out that info, for that I went out of my way to attain that knowledge with my share of labor and difficulty.


Stop asking to be spoon fed kids!

I been reading Nanitomo (Naniwa Tomoare) a lot and learning not only about kanjo but the lifestyle of Osaka (and have been for a while). I first heard of the kanjo culture back in 1998, and got fully aware of it in the early 2000’s. To fully grasp it you have to understand Osaka’s attitude and Japanese culture. Don’t go to Osaka and call a kanjo runner’s Civic a ricer, you might get a beat down. These cats who started back in 1980’s did it to settle beef and to show who is the best of the best. If they weren’t racing against other teams they would terrorize the highway because they pretty much owned it. At times fights broke out. It died out almost completely, and if you see them in large groups 99% of the time they are just hooning, not necessary racing. Japanese laws are no joke, disobeying the law is like disrespecting life. It’s oppressive to some. It forces people to become rebellious. That being said, that’s why they terrorized the highway. It’s a big middle finger to the law. It’s the same reason why Bosozoku’s soup up their cars the way they do. In Nanitomo, there’s more fighting than racing at times and they’re brutal. That’s how it was back in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Even though me and Tougel did kanjo style running in sacramento, we never consider ourselfs kanjo racers, ONLY PRIVATE RUNNERS. We did it our way, our own style. We had to play it smart.

I can’t ask people to stop ruining the kanjo style, by all means keep doing what you do. But have an outlook on how it looks in the eyes of those who know the history and culture. Especially the ones who been into it way before these kids heard about it from internet sites. Ask yourself, if you consider yourself a real “kanjo racer” what are you racing for? Who are you racing against? Are you really racing or are you just speeding and hooning like me and Tougel did back in the day? Hell, even in the eyes of some kanjo racers in Japan like the fact that people dig their style over seas. Compliment the style, don’t bite it.

Peace peace y’all.

EG6_01b EG6_02 DA8_01w DA8_02
1908232_273232219501710_1652925070_n p1 (55) p1 (54) p1 (53)p126p127p128 p1 (24) p1 (23) 1890342_276114089213523_505307121_o 1654683_276113969213535_269222809_o 1911069_274495889375343_1196767158_o 1781913_223556911180794_1184109602_n 1044995_340277466105969_586696471_n 1077708_340277239439325_1955872433_o 26295595 d84a0286df 1796671_513489968768044_1651566738_n 1902080_361220564021040_1107599328_n 1619469_397887807022116_818512472_n

Private Runner Interview

A member of PVT from Canada works for a magazine publishing company. For a little project, the company asked him to make a mini-magazine about anything he likes . He decided to do it on the PVT Runners and Osaka Kanjo culture. He wanted to shine the light on PVT to show who we are and what we are about.  I can never picture my car in a magazine or anything because it’s nothing special but I thought I would be cool to get a interview to tell my story.

Here’s a few pics of it:

1610032_10152220594044938_1511488945_n1535399_10152180170219938_1992120563_n 1625731_10152180170304938_250703224_n

The project had a 8 page maximum limit. He had to edit the interview to make it shorter. Here is the original:

Who are you, where do you reside and what got you hooked in the jdm kanjo culture?

Call me P. Runner. I reside in San Diego, CA. PVT Runners originated in my hometown of Sacramento, CA. I got into the Kanjo culture from admiring and attending in street racing. Back in 1998/1999 my friend Lam who got me into Honda’s, would show me an Option2 magazines. Inside, there was a article showing a highway full of Honda Civics dressed up like the JTCC and Group A cars that would hit the highways in Japan and treat them like circuits. It really intrigued me because I was already watching Honda circuit events and that pushed me to like Honda’s even more. As years went by Lam would show me other magazines that  had kanjo runners in them, after seeing that I was hooked. Instead of doing street drag racing I would hit the highways; bigger playground. In Sacramento there’s a connecting highway loop which was perfect to test my skills. Though I no longer street race, I would occasionally hit the highway for a well needed highway sprint.

Here’s one of the issues that Lam showed me:


Why did you make the Private Runners?

I came up with Private Runners because I was solo at that time. People were already using the term “Private Runs” which where meet ups to perform illegal street drag racing without any spectators. I would attend many of them, but street racing in straight lines got boring to me. However, the nature of setting up Private Runs was still flowing within me. It’s something that wouldn’t leave my system. I would apply it to many things. Getting out of street drag racing, I wanted to see how well I can handle my car. Which lead me to attending autocross events. Even then I wanted to keep testing my abilities off the track. I would treat my highways the same way as Kanjo racers would do in Osaka. I would also explore unknown parts (to me) of my home town. The roads there weren’t nice. I had to maneuver around pot holes and uneven pavement. I would visit those places frequently and see how fast I can maneuver around them; I would picture someone chasing me. I started looking at my city as a car playground and obstacle course. I started using the word “Private Runs” with a different definition. Thus, I came up with the word “Private Running” which is enjoying your car and going where ever the roads take you with no limits. That is why I refer to myself as Private Runner. I thought I was the only one who would enjoy such things; later I would meet others who enjoyed the same nature of car life as I did. It would end up being 3 official members and then later I would recruit others. Now WE are the Private Runners. To me it’s far from street racing and I don’t even call it racing. It’s simply taking your car out for a run. Whether it’s a highway run, city exploration and/or chasing the road. I do it a lot. If something was troubling me, I would go for a Private Run to get things off my mind. If I ended up on the Loop I would practice my skills. I wanted to create our own category. A “Private” category. So I did. Now we haunt the streets.

What were your main intentions?

To enjoy car culture and car life. At that time, a lot of my friends were into the “finer” things in life. They were buying luxury cars and items. I wasn’t into all of that. I was re-living my childhood and enjoying simple things. I would even ask them if they would attend an autocross event to see how well they can handle their car. They had no interest and asked me why they would attend such an event. I would respond back “Why not? What if you were getting chased by a killer or something and wanted to get away? Wouldn’t you want to be able to out maneuver the person chasing you?” They didn’t comprehend it. That’s when I came to the conclusion I wasn’t going to surround myself with people I can’t relate with. I formed Private Runners to steer away from main crowds and the norm as well as hyped out trends. I created a family.

Where do you see this team going?

I don’t like to use the word team because in a team there is usually a “leader” and I am not a leader. We are a Family. I want the members to keep on doing what they love doing and progress, which they are. We have members who are hardcore track guys and hardcore “street fighters.” However, as much as we have a passion for car culture, Private Runners main focus isn’t limited to just that, but for every form of art. Private Runners is a style.

How do you recruit new runners?

I look to see what they’re about. I sense their aura so to say. If I see that they have the same mentality and philosophy as us, then I will ask them if they would like to become part of the Street Family. I don’t go out of my way to look for new members. More so like we cross paths; we find each other.

Why did you pick this chassis?

In 1998 a neighbor down the street from me, Lam, had a 1992 Honda Civic Hatchback. I would always see him working on the car, adding parts and eventually I would see him doing his first DOHC VTEC swap; a B16A. Later I would hear his car get louder and started going over there to see what he’s doing. He took me for a spin and I loved how it felt. Few years later he swapped in a Type R B18C and upgraded his suspension. He told me his suspension was equivalent to the JTCC cars and that was it, I wanted an EG hatchback. The light chassis can be so nimble and quick; there was something about light weight compact cars that intrigued me. He eventually swapped in aftermarket camshafts and I would watch him at Sacramento Raceway break into the low 13 seconds range on the quarter mile and 12’s with slicks. To add on top of that, I was already watching Honda circuit races and Lam was already showing me Option2 and other magazines. Getting an EG was a life time goal for me.

What have you done to it?

I swapped in a B18C1 (GSR) block and enjoyed it for a few years. Then I bought another B18C1 and rebuilt it. The finish product was a sleeved 2.0L B18C1 (84.5mm x 87.2mm). TEIN coilovers, front and rear sway bars, Safety 21 6 point bolt in cage, Hondata, PVTRUNR exhaust.

How long have you owned it for?

I had the EG for 10 years.

Any sentimental value to it?

I wouldn’t say it has sentimental value. Before getting into Hondas I was into Lowriders. Yes, I love the car but let’s say I was in a Monte Carlo or a Caprice, or another Japanese car like a Datsun 510; I’ll have the same passion as I have with my EG chassis. I will still be P. Runner with any car.

How much have you invested in this build?

A lot. Two motors, various suspensions set ups, parts for the rebuild; I lost count on how much I invested but I know it’s too much haha


Osaka Kanjo Racing Club



Osaka Kanjo Racing Brothers

046 047 OKRB_

Old story from a person who used to run with the OKRC and OKRB:

The convenience of work, I often go up in the annular.

There are days when you go up three times a day, and four times.

Every day, it is peace.

Sometimes it will go day and night since changed.

It is always peace.

It has been come in from search annular related many of the people who visit the private garage here.

Annular, OKRC, Temple, Galaxy, Osaka Lupin, warp, low break, and Naniwatomoare etc. …

But every day, it is peace now.

Where Why did everyone go? ? ?

Oiler but that also go up at work

That’s all there is to it.

Every day was a festival in those days.

It was fun really.

About a year in the next ride, the cyclic history of the oiler turned up at a rate two or three times a month

At that time was the meaning peace there.

It was in there is also a fight, but I think to yo was enjoying the battle purely.

In I was up about two years private.

Two or three times a week

I think the situation in yo changed in the past two years.

To increase team thrilled, crackdown of police will also be strictly …

Every day, crossing, crossing …

Although you often hear the words Nantes annular heyday

All I wonder why it heyday

a time when the individual was running …

Going into the annular story of two channels and back in place where it is being searched is large.

But it is not interesting me 2 channel

Dano-strongest with people who want to know a cyclic Dano ○ ○ best, …

Where the original run is or becomes the story of the fight …

I think the yo was the era of the run to the nearest ’85 if memory is sure.

Car of several places that come together in the 23 o’clock to 24 o’clock Saturday

1 lane of road shoulder I had become a parking zone.

The traveling direction the nose, stop diagonally

In a state that can be sortie at any time

Population of the head when the light can dumpling state

You can start to yo abreast behind

, And populations are Kimekon and galleries group you are chatting to park …

Various energy had clashed on the belt line.

I’m thinking to the nearest ’85 era is good circular or rather heyday.

I think to yo entered the era of runaway era shop run the ’86 position since the checkpoint is increased.

Must be off the annular inspection begins.

It becomes yo is from the early hours crossing time is rapidly

It comes to running in 20 era

Slip through, It is the era of slipping through.

And destruction

By the way what young mon now or they will continue?

Although there was “mon young right now …” What’s the unpleasant words my people are telling me when I was young

It is a frame of mind to say “mon young right now …” and myself will also be such a year.

Where energy whether they are diverging …

I do not mean that white runaway never

I think a little sad that there is a word Nantes herbivorous boys.

Bastard super carnivorous Bakka-Naa did

Around the oiler at least …

Favorite phrase of the day

The “~ Hey Ya spare time” “I only go to run”, “no money” and “Ya me Ogo~tsu” “over the Golfo want woman”

Smell of oil

Smell of burnt tire

The 100 yen writer and Hope in short pants pocket

It was glistening always to have a little coin

Cost of repairs to remodeling bill

Gold went flying worked well and worked well

Had wooed a woman even if there is only tobacco subrogation

Was Omoroka~tsu

And a story when he debuted:

I do not know how to call that an annular motorcycle gang is whether reasonable

I call this.

You can not call a shop run by each team or individual,,

Dattari cyclic group, it is various.

But I call this a car that are coming to run in a ring.

It is a ring-shaped motorcycle gang team introduction of a nostalgia here.

Although I think different memory, etc., and whether there is therefore some 60 around Showa …

Old team is often Higashi Sumiyoshi-ku, Hirano, in Ikuno-ku, and whether the flow from the motorcycle gang era.

Osaka Lupin, Temple, Galaxy was the mainstream When I debuted.

If there is a team called Goemon originally, in the northern plains District, was in the southern plains ku Osaka Lupin as his brother team.

My human generation are you running in fact a team of legendary I do not know I mean Goemon.

It now goes by Lupin Did renamed Lupin Lupin Osaka later.

I seem to have made a temple at the local temple can have a founding member in this Lupin.

Members are racing team later in many Japan, etc. to team with many Sutako such as Gemini Lupin

Super Civic and Sutako, 310 Sunny car, etc. I was a big variety of cars from the Soarer, such as Japan initial Temple.

The stickers were different in there faction Temple.

Both I was fast.

In addition, crash Tanabe It is a founding member is cousin of the members of the temple. I was made in the same way as the temple was able to.

Also outrun a team of Yada like the Temple

It was a lot of team Fairlady Z. I saw well Leppard.

And It is rich galaxy group of foreign car team.

Branch from the Galaxy Hot Stuff

Porsche two of hot staff was famous.

Twin of the plain, it was fast 910 Burutabo.

Shadow of the same plain

Scramble of Ikuno, Fendi Higashi-Osaka

Team of around here it is a team of its debut.

Warp I is the big team later the time you get off the ring, low break was done.

The number of teams was increased dramatically when it comes to this time.

Clown, Magnum, powerful, Doll, Champ, FUMINO, mud, fairness, funny, red, Sasuke, Furiten, angel, wings, and loose, etc.

The – I wonder was full

I burn not got off the time it is run checkpoints faster annular night is earlier

PM. I think the team as further increased around the time began to run in the 8:00 range.

Was only runaway and not in the world of running the shop no longer there.

You can attack a corner, do not ‘s or compete for the fastest

You just run to sew among the general car road congestion in the evening was finally relaxed

Of course, began to disappear Orvis also installed many regulations also tightened becomes increasingly population.

Around this time that you no longer know of a shop run whether the motorcycle gang, you no longer feel attractive to the ring road.

I think I went on behalf of the shop tastes run from motorcycle gangs like the boy while I run the loop line.

Mountain ran ya ride even run the annular but cause trouble to others the less-than greater

I think on my own, where I do not quit I like that you are still running and I was drawn.


A look at Impact Ltd

I been chit chatting with Law Break member and Chief Executive Officer of Impact Ltd for awhile now. Here’s some of their motors they have built.

945882_499444030124496_1301830768_n 580678_502152333186999_390800721_n 1451974_588074277928137_414235128_n 1459787_10201705802824902_1853686207_n 1467418_10201705802704899_977548673_n

B20V:  86mm DC5 Pistons + B20 crank and rods equivalent to 13:1 C/R
TRUST camshafts (never released in the US). He swears by these cams and enjoys the power they provide.
He even uses them in his personal EK.


Here’s some other motors they built and a line up of some of the Impact cars


Toda Racing V-Tec Killar
Toda Racing ITB 44
Tuned on Haltech PS Sprint 500


Here you can see they have converted the motor to a coil on plug set up.

1391881_571970162871882_820402338_n 1184886_10200974512503101_7138958_n 1085416_10200974651626579_1905270444_n1503817_591515997583965_918536827_n970143_470725599677560_2137687301_n1085434_10201002060151775_1723374315_n 972392_10201002060111774_1172503066_n 702018_10201012337888712_1102961747_n 1208570_10201012349969014_2033947262_n 1097310_10201002069512009_2118629782_n 1241067_10201012338008715_203197218_n 1097348_10201012333368599_1518232024_n 1082785_10201002057071698_47969652_n

And they also hit the loop occasionally

1520597_10201796484851896_1518362557_n 988882_10201755043095878_168305229_n 1902063_10202166726907716_860442065_n 1798310_10202057908307319_240304512_n

He told me he plans on visiting America soon. I look forward to meeting him in person. Cheers/Kampai

From Russia, with love


One thing that intrigues me most is the car culture overseas. Here I focus on Russia. Due to massive government corruption on all levels, the people have as if lost all faith in themselves, and progress is slow. To survive, big money equals life. Back in the Soviet days, people who had jobs were supposed to get free food, cars, everything courtesy from the state, but that’s not how it was. In reality, people had to wait sometimes decades to own a family car, and even those that were awarded cars for being “heroes of socialist labor” – the highest honorary title of the Soviet Union, had to wait some time. That is unless you had “connections”.

Although things have changed for the better since the fall of the Soviet regime, the rich got richer and the poor get poorer. While people in the cities are fighting for parking spots, people that are not so fortunate are fighting for their life. But as an old Russian Proverb goes,

“The rich would have to eat money if the poor did not provide the food.”


As for grassroots motorsports, most expenses are out of pocket as sponsorships are almost nonexistent and cars themselves are not exactly cheap. One of my favorite drifters, Max Tvardovsky, also hails from Russia.

1425330_587956867942019_1716007600_o 882056_631751493548375_1572983956_o 903543_616467095076815_1101152932_o

But for some, like my friend (wallonebisu.tumblr.com) from Saint Petersburg,


car life and other art forms is their only escape. His tumblr page is titled “I Need Fun.” That to me is more than just a header on a page. Now that I know what the standard of living Russians have to endure and how suppressive it can be, it’s a cry for things we sometimes take for granted. Things like hopping into your car and blasting down the highway can be as therapeutic as seeing an actual doctor and the drugs they prescribe you. Countries like Russia survive on what little they have. Forcing them to use their money wisely. Private Runners survive on the same principles and that’s what Street Style is all about.

f109bcu-960 7899bcu-9601f4ab38s-960 ef4ab38s-960

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