According to

Ancient PVT texts, one of the laws they followed back in ancient times, is that they don’t go more than 10-20 feet away from their vehicles. It’s almost like how weapons are a part of the Mandalorian’s religion, they are never too far away from one. As with the Runners, they always have their chariots in their sight.

Никаких сигнализаций, только аварийные выключатели.

PVT RUNNERS is not for you.

Over the 12 years of PVT I only kicked out a few members. The recent member I kicked out was the prime example that we cannot have anyone fake in any way and we cannot have anyone that is weak in this family. Also, if you fall into the category of using PVT as clout in any kind of way, PVT is not for you. You gotta tear old things down in order to build new things up. Game recognize game.