Remember this CRX?

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Of course you do.
For those who don’t know, the owner of this magnificent CRX is Wayne Denman.
IMO this was the game changer CRX back in the early 2000’s (along with a lot of Hawaiian cars).
However, the car was lost in 2004 in an accident. (Thank the heavens he walked away alive!)
After that incident he built this CRX, dubbed the “JUNcr-x”juncrx_01 juncrx_02 juncrx_03 juncrx_04 juncrx_05

The specs were:

JUN ported ITR head
JUN valvesprings
JUN retainers
JUN stageIII cams/gears
stock ITR valves
stock ITR IM portmatched
DH racing 65mm TB
AEBS fuel rail
RC 440 injectors
ghetto intake w/HKS filter
AN-R header

B20Z 84mm
ARP headstuds
cometic headgasket
EAGLE rods
WISECO 12.1 pistons
stock crank/sleeves
ITR oilpump/waterpump
oem Honda bearings
MOROSO oilpan

B16 gears
4.4 final
CTR helical LSD
EXEDY clutch
JUN ultralight flywheel

MSD 6al
APEXi N1 itr suspension
custom crossmember
stock front swaybar
6pt chromolly cage
4gallon fuel cell(in stock gastank location)6an
japan front end(modified US mugen style bodykit)
japan ef8 front and rear disc conversion
SPOON SW388 15×6.5
FALKEN azenis 205 55

220.3 hp 149.6 lb torque WHP pumpgas 92 oct

 He ended up selling the car in 2007.
We all have seen situations like that before…
An enthusiast selling his/her baby and thinking that they’re out of the game for good…
Then one day out of the blue they get that itch to build another…!




Meet PVT Runner T. Arakawa

Meet PVT Runner Tomohiro Arakawa from Nagoya, Japan.

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The USDM style seen on his DC2 comes from his love for the American culture. He installed EG6 hubs so he can use the 4×100 lug pattern, reflecting a common style seen here in the states; a clean Honda lowered on OEM wheels.
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Tomohiro isn’t just into styling a car to make it look pretty. Before owning his DC2, he also had a B18C powered EG6 which he attended many race events with. Once a gear-head, always a gear-head!

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Welcome to the Private Runners Street Family Tomohiro!!!

End of an era


“A car with a massive amount of history. Purchased from my mom in 1997ish as my first car. Was just a first car too get me to and from work and to bike races. Years later I got into Autocross racing. Earned a FSP National Championship win. Two time SMF B.C Champion, and the car ran up the iconic Knox Mtn Hill Climb 4 times. Fastest time was a 1:59 up Knox. Lots of track days in the car traveling long nights beating the piss out of it. Almost killing my self once LOL and still making it home for work the next day.

Here are some stats…



1.5 litre stock
1.5 Super Charger
1.5 JDM d15b Supercharged (oil burner)
mid season 1.6 engine sway supercharged
1.6 Forged internal build with Ported Endyn Blower. (lost compression oil burner)
1.6 Vtec from pick and pull.
1.6 vtec Custom water cooled Endyn Blower. 200 HP 155 FTlbs Possibly first one ever fabed in the world.
1.6 High Comp NA build 150 Hp 128 FTbls

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2.4 K24vtec Killer 220 HP 180 FTlbs (First one of its kind in Canada ?)



6754722829980475027879060 10300325098767627171100683500
Tokico whites on KGMM springs
Zeal B2s
Koni yellow
Ground control advance design 2 sets. 4 energy suspension kits, 19mm rear sway bar and ASR 32mm sway bars.
Custom Valve Bilsteins

Wheel sets:
Somewhere around 35 sets of wheels including wheels for racing… Lost track…


The list goes on… so much time so much money… it was a blast !!!!! The only way the car was cool and fun was the knowledge of the builder and the fabricator that help with my journeys with the car.

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I made this car what it is. Not the internet… Remember that KIDS.



Special thanks to Justin for all the help over the years with last minute shit, parts, and countless exhaust fab’d up and shit like that lol. Huge thanks also for teaching me a shit load of skills at JBDR. It was a good run and man we made some cool stuff. RIP Team Limit Boys, Ryan Cali, Dave Mann, Ryan Watson, Ryan Lorke, Greg Anderson, Nick Kirkley, Jaime MacDonald, Sead Causevic, Tyson Kaempffer and the Sherrif for support at races and I hope you keep racing your cars.

I built this car to for one soul purpose Racing !!!

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Many who know me well will know I loved to drive my car more than anyone I knew in the car scene. Burning up back roads at night when you could get away with it…

I wouldn’t say I lost the love of driving it, but more the time and money I had to invest to keep it going. With race tracks so far away the stress of making it home in one piece was way to much. I’m back into MTB racing and somehow have become more addicted to this than anything else the past couple years. Going faster than I ever have at the age of 36 feeling good about riding my bike again. I met a lot of cool people along the way and I will still be in the scene verbally abusing dumb kids with my vast knowledge and telling them how to correctly setup a Honda. 


Thanks again guys and gals you know who you are !!”

– Shane Jensen


 What I like about Shane is that he’s straight forward; when given car advice, he doesn’t sugar coat anything. In example, like how he talks shit about my stock wheels… LOL peace!


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PVT Runner V. Dabis Jr.

Rothmans Group A Rally PVT Civic


No members of the Private Runners own a show car. If we decide to show our cars at an event, it will act more as a display to show what we are about. PVT member V. Dabis Jr did just that. Before the event; the night prior, he took his Civic out for some good ol’ rally fun, leaving it dirty for the show.

pvt_vdj02 pvt_vdj03 pvt_vdj04

Not being much of a car show person, he left his car on display and went ice skating for most of the time of the show. When he returned to the event he was granted with the trophy for best engineering.

pvt_vdj05 pvt_vdj06

Congratulations brother!

Mad Runner


Who are the PVT Runners? Who is E. Morada? How many aliases does he have? PVT Runners (Private Runners) is a Street Family. Think of a gang. It was originally based out of Sacramento, CA but there are known PVT Runners all over the US and worldwide. His main shop SMA (Sacramento Motoring Accessories), is known for their custom work and fabrication, upholstry, electrical installs, general maintenace, aftermarket parts and accessories. Morada, who prefers to go by P. Runner, was a grease monkey at SMA for a few years in Rancho Cordova, CA before moving to his new home in San Diego, CA. His skills at SMA focused on suspension work of all makes and models. Before working at the shop he would make his money doing side jobs and “Running.”


The first time I notice PVT Runners was back in 2010. From what I know, P. Runner ran solo back then and was planning to stay that way. From tumblr, he became well known but stayed low key.
Low key to the point where he rocked stock rims with sticky tires. As of recently, the preference or choice of wheels are VX’s with some no name tires with a shakotan demeanor. (Change your wheel/tire set up already!!) Doesn’t look like much but it’s all a part of the “incognito/sleeper” style he goes for.


P. Runner is “a rebel without a cause.” As a youth, he always embraced the streets. Getting kicked out of school and home, the streets were the only thing that took him in. He also served as a street “monk” to troubled individuals. He has a Buddhist view of the universe and believes in past lives. Also, what roles we play in the world… yadayadayada.


A few years ago he met his “long lost brother” Tougel. Tougel ended up being the 2nd member of PVT Runners and became partners in the Sacramento “kanjo loop.” We can never bring the REAL Kanjo culture here in the states. That being said, they had to be extra careful and play it smart when they ran on the loop. They studied the 916 loop and ran it like clock work. With cars that looked stock (with the exception of a low stance) no one really looked twice at their cars. This made it easy to disguise and “blend” into the myriad night.
“When kanjo racing in Osaka was at its prime, the kanjo runners used Loop 1 as their circuit. There was a lot of funk between teams back then about who is best, some even broke out in fights. We weren’t racing anyone, we were just hooning; treating the loop like a circuit the same way a kanjozoku would in Osaka. Every now and then someone would follow us but when they see us change junctions they wouldn’t follow. One person followed me for one lap then exited the highway. Party pooper.” – P. Runner


“Incog-negro” (incognito) is a lingo word that the two Runners threw at me when explaining their cars.


Being born in the 80’s and rasied in the 90’s, those era of cars is something that he’ll always embrace. Whether it be racecars, lowriders, to Kanjo cars of Loose Racing, Law Break, Temple Racing, No Good, and Late Riser, just to name a few. For his EG Civic, the front office is left untouched with the company of a Safety-21 6 point bolt-in roll cage. The rear interior is fully gutted. He left the rear speakers where the panels used to be and added a 10 inch Kicker subwoofer. When it comes to haunting the streets he likes to have his personal soundtrack playing, and slapping hard and loud.


As with all PVT cars, underneath the hood, the engine bay is a dirty mess. This is all part of the Kei Miura street style that P. Runner grasps so well. He swapped in a built B18 VTEC motor making the same horsepower as the JTCC Idemitsu MOTION EG Civic, more than enough power to move the light weight EG in and out of traffic on the loop. To avoid being messed with by the law, he recently picked up on vinyl wrapping. Some nights he would dress the car up with different kanjo themed stripes and “dummy” plates with tags.


This Civic might not be the most outrageous build but it sure is one of the most gorgeous and most simplistic builds that I’ve seen. It’s not filled with unnecessary technology and luxuries. It’s just flat out simple. It’s bare to the bone and straight out fun without breaking the bank. He claims that he initiated more members and plans on getting back into auto crossing and start attending road course events.
But until then, catch him in the late hours of the night… haunting the streets.


Fast Facts:
Honda Civic EG VX
Owner: E. Morada aka P. Runner aka P. Gunner aka maybe more?
Hometown: Sacramento, CA. Now residing in San Diego, CA.
Daily Grind: Grease Monkey and posting on Tumblr
Power: 200+hp
Under the hood: 2.0L B18C; ITR header, PVT exhaust
Stiff Stuff: TEIN coilovers, CUSCO tower bars, OEM front and rear sway bars
Rollers: VX wheels, HX wheels; random tires
Outside: VX diffuser, Carbon vinyl wrapped hood
Inside: Safety 21 6 point roll cage
Ice: 500w amp, 10″ Kicker, front and rear speakers


Words: Natipus
Photos: Tougel and Rude Gal.
Editor’s note: This article format was taken from the MAD MAX MIURA feature which was in the Decemeber 2009 Super Street issue.