Macau: Guia Circuit

Guia Circuit, the home to the Macau Touring Car Race, GP & Moto GP. Background info found here.


Whether you’re watching Kazuhiro (Osaka JDM), Joe (Car Make Across), Temple, the Sharks of NGR or members of Zero Fighter 555, you can see the kanjozoku spirit in their driving. With no street circuits in Japan, I can only imagine that street circuit racing like this is what the kanjozoku’s dreamed of back in the golden age of Japanese car culture. Of course they eventually made Loop 1 their street circuit.

Seeing that this circuit is in China, I feel that it was these type of races on street circuits that inspired HK movies like Off Track (1991).

When I watch races on Guia circuit, I find very similar mannerisms of a kanjozoku; the erratic and abrupt maneuvers to over take the opponent. Just watching the starting grid is like watching a bunch of fighter planes about to take off, and soon after take off is when the dog fights begin.

Disecting Guia:
The first turn on Guia

Leading onto the first straight away.

Turn 2, Mandarin Corner. Many take this turn at high speed so that they can over take at Lisboa.

The infamous Lisboa corner… Watch any race on this circuit. There will be either spinouts and/or pileups on this turn.

San Francisco Hill, an up hill stretch. I always liked the name because if you ever been to the city of San Francisco, CA, there are many steep hills such as this one (even more steeper actually).

A good exit speed and torque is your best friend here.

A down hill look of San Francisco

After San Francisco is a S-turn that leads to a 90 degree right hand turn

Then it’s a down hill stretch

Which leads to a series of turns that get narrow and as slithery as a snake.

Just wide enough for two cars… Leaving little to no room for mistakes.

Melco hairpin

Rules state, absolutely no passing at this hairpin… But I swore I seen people pass here before ūü§Ē

Supposedly it’s only during Moto GP races that passing is allowed at this section.

Fisherman’s Bend, second to the last turn of the track which leads to a medium length straight away.

R- Bend, the last turn before the finish line.

Final Thoughts:

Even though many different divisions race here, I feel this is where Touring Car racing belong. When ever I think of this track I automatically picture cars of the touring races in the late 90′ to early 2000’s battling it out. I see the starting grid and I imagine the Kanjozoku’s lining up at the entrance of Loop 1. You don’t need crazy aero on your car when you race on this course, just skills.

It’s the swarm of noise, violent driving and the car pileups that echos nostalgia. It’s more exciting than the rat race of life and death we witness everyday in traffic and daily commutes.

You can find many videos of these older to current races online. When I watch them, I can almost picture myself there, maybe on of a high rise hotel suite watching from a birds eye view. Sipping on a martini or something haha, one day.

“There aren‚Äôt many places that make Monaco look easy, but Macau is one of them.”

[1:55 AM]

Meet PVT Runner T. Arakawa

Meet PVT Runner Tomohiro Arakawa from Nagoya, Japan.

14328894_559642517557430_1051953771_n 14248068_559642510890764_681826434_o 14269836_559642490890766_288947309_n 14285476_559642467557435_406883201_o 14194363_559642464224102_495627799_n

The USDM style seen on¬†his DC2 comes from his love for the American culture. He installed EG6 hubs so he can use the 4×100 lug pattern, reflecting a common style seen here in the states; a clean Honda lowered on OEM wheels.
14191554_559642697557412_2012899372_o 14285087_559642670890748_1679498220_o 14284880_559642627557419_1482016945_o 14287537_559642494224099_966596050_n

Tomohiro¬†isn’t just into styling a car to make it look pretty. Before owning his DC2, he also¬†had¬†a B18C powered EG6 which he attended many race events with. Once a gear-head, always a gear-head!

14316069_559643117557370_1272380524_o 14303929_559643120890703_180575554_o

Welcome to the Private Runners Street Family Tomohiro!!!