Candle Chant

My family lost someone today from suicide. When a soul is leaving the earth and the process of Bardo begins, do your best to be strong and not to cry. For that the soul of the lost one will be confused. Bless their soul by lighting a candle to help guide them to the after life. There are 6 worlds of reincarnation. If he ends up in the animal world, may he become a lion and have the world hear his roar. If back into the human realm, May he find the love that keeps him going. Which ever realm he ends up in, May he find liberation and ascend into the Absolute. We love you Paolo. 📿🙏📿
If anyone has thoughts of suicide, seek help. Suicide is not the answer. The world cares for you, the universe loves you.


Due to covid-19 I had to settle for an aftermarket replacement part, rather than going with a performance braided line because everything is back ordered until further notice.

Made in Thailand

This will be the first time using a aftermarket replacement part on my Civic… I would always go performance and/or OEM. Now, all the maintenance parts I bought for the Odyssey were all bought on Rock Auto, and they’re all holding up fine! I have pure confidence! It’s just different, if that makes sense to all the gear heads and tuners out there reading this. And that’s fine.