It’s Alive!


Took me long enough right? That’s what happens when you become a fath…

So the intake manifold gasket wasn’t just cracked, but also warped. The top circle shows a crack at the bolt hole and the bottom circle shows a crack at the coolant port. The middle circle shows the warpage along with a crack in the middle of it… That’s where it was leaking from!

Thank the car heavens it wasn’t anything super serious! It lasted 5 years of daily driving and hard running/redline hitting fun. Does anyone know how long that are supposed to last? πŸ€”

Now to the fun stuff:

PVT RUNR Ian bought my old bucket seat so he came by to install that with a PCI seat mount.


Not bad for a beginner seat. I had to pass it down to the homie cuz I always wanna see my parts go into good hands. And plus, I picked up a new seat that’s big enough to fit Moltar πŸ‘ΊπŸ‘Ή

Just need to get a few other shit done and King Run will be back on the streets…! πŸŒƒπŸ‘»




Exploring with Google Maps!

Car Craft Boon!

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Dream garage in Sao Paulo

IMG_1124 IMG_1126 IMG_1141 IMG_1143 IMG_1140 IMG_1135

I don’t ask for much. When it comes to my dream garage, I just want something simple. If I can park my car inside safely and have the tools that are needed for the type of work I perform, I’m happy. This garage is a prime example.

[pictures via Estevan Oriol]


Busy man

IMGP7735 IMGP7736 IMGP7733

Some times a busy man doesn’t have time in his schedule to do a clutch job. So, he takes it to a reputable shop.

Shop owner words:

“Receipt at the request of the clutch replacement! It is rare in my place, but it is the so-called cyclic group specifications! Even so, that low-Oh! I like to Shakotan, but I wonder if the public road can run with this? ? But, is referred to as a foil of infinite, pot because there by holding, and I think Cool Will it just me? (Laughs)”


Do work


Staying busy

Staying busy to avoid idle thoughts.. and idle hands.

Job: Tranny swap and suspension install

Cooling the motors down:

Tranny swap:

Extended top hats installed onto new shocks

Job done, chill with a cold one.

Tearing down some blocks:

Brake job:

Working on the homies AE86:

One thing I like about working on anything with someone is the things the folks talk about, whether it’s something hilarious or expression to get shit off your chest. It’s relieving. It’s healthy.

“Meditation in the midst of activity is a thousand times superior to meditation in stillness” – Hakuin Ekaku

Stay busy my friends.