Our services include but not limited to: fabricating custom parts and accessories; installation of parts for on-road and off-road vehicles; helping you think for yourself & question everything; performing shamanic rituals; enhancing your primitive understanding of the world and the universe; channeling ancient powers, deities and long dead gods.

When it comes to vehicles, Our main focus is creating custom parts and accessories for your Running Temples. What is a Running Temple? Examples: 1. 2. 3.

All of this is brought to you by P. Runner aka Run The Monk of The Private Runners Street Family. “The streets always know. The street is nature. In the end nature always wins. It’s not a competition. It’s the truth.” 📿🙏📿

Stay tuned. ✌️☮️


a boy has the right to dream
there are endless possibilities stretched out before him
(You have to trust in your own power)
(What ever happens for now on you stand firm and face your destiny without fear but with courage)
what awaits him down the path he will
then have to choose
(no one’s going to give you a map you’ve got to walk your own path)
(children leave their homes in search of this quest)
(what is thy desire?)
as they search they are always asking
questions: What’s out there? what’s waiting for me?
(why was i made? who made me?
and what did they make me for?)
(are you gonna go up into space with your
old man or not?)
(maybe i’ll never get over this)
(i’ve lived my life following my dreams
and i don’t have any regrets)
(you’re gonna just keep running away?
just keep running away?
i’m not running)
believe in yourself and create your own destiny. don’t fear failure

Believe in yourself

And create your own destiny.

Don’t fear failure.


A few years back I gave myself the title “The Alan Watts of Kanjo” for the philosophical aspect of the culture. As of today I have also given myself the title “Tertön of Kanjo-ism”

Tertön means treasure revealer in Tibetan. The Tertön and practitioners with TANTRA background can translate the Terma’s…

I bet you only see dice huh?


Grease Rat

Remember this guy from Mad Max?

Grease Rat

That’s how I feel when I work on Ivan. This has to be the filthiest undercarriage out of all my vehicles. It reminds me of customer cars when I worked at a Honda dealership. Back then, I would sometimes get a work-order for a car from the 80’s-90’s. Their undercarriages would be a total mess. Oil, dirt, grease and fluids everywhere. But yo! Don’t get it twisted, I have no problem getting dirty! Hell, I miss getting dirty. I am Dirty!

Dirt McGirt!

But anyway, peep it. A 94-97 Accord test pipe works on an RA1 if you get a 2inch extension adapter that’s 2.25. They’re cheap too! Keep that in mind if you want something to free up some power and preserve your cat. If you get an adjustable test pipe, that would probably be better.

When I was under the van it dawned on me, I enjoy modifying this car more than my other ones. It’s that brand new feeling. I notice a lot of Honda heads who turned into dad’s end up getting this chassis. I feel that 💯 especially the ones who came from driving a Civic. Keep your Ody happy and not lousy like Grease Rat’s service! Hahahaha! ✌️