Ultimate MдD MдX Vehicle for PVT?


Australia 🇦🇺 too 👀


This is more like it.

Definitely needs to be lifted and at least RWD (4WD is king 👑 ) to reach the plain of silence…

The hunt continues…

What makes you strong?


The fact someone will buy this is concerning. Every so often you’ll find Uber rare jdm parts, many of which are damaged, like many Zero Fighter center exhausts. And people will put a price that’s more expensive than it is brand new. I actually had an convo with an acquaintance about that:

“And someone will buy it too Lmao” Laughing my ass off. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. The fact that it’s a laughing matter is concerning. The fact that someone will swindle a poor consumer with a damage part, and/or sell a “cookie cutter part” that’s pieced together and sold for $100 is horrible. Because of shit like that is why a piece of me have lost faith in the car community. So what makes you strong? I can tell you this much, swindling for a come up is part of ego. Feeding your ego doesn’t make you strong. It’s still a form of suffering. The “I’m going to get mines” mentality shows you’re suffering cuz you will do anything to earn a buck.

Don’t be that person. Don’t swindle someone just to earn a buck. There is no merit gained from those actions. ✌️ 📿🙏📿

This post is

Still relevant.

There has been a shortage on oil lately, especially Rotella T6 5W40… This is all due to the PLANdemic and world events of destruction…
Come up! How much I got it for (each) and that’s the normal price.
Shortly after purchasing…
Then a few days later… each! 😳

Now… with that being said:

Just walk away! Give me your oil & gasoline! Just walk away and we’ll give you a safe passageway in the wastelands… 🥴
Rotella is gold, preserve it!

What oil have you been using in your Running Temples?

Super EGG

Full FLEX! 💪
All the homies I grew up with always seen me in my hatch. They told me they can’t picture me driving anything else. But yo, the RA1 suits me! It’s a bigger version of an EG imo.

As much as this looks good:

I enjoy being at stock height. The fact that I can hit a pot hole and still be ok gives me a peace of mind. But for sure sometime in the future I will prob change out the springs.

I don’t have to be the one to tell you that coming across RA chassis parts stateside is hard to come by, but damn! We need something like this at a local shop near you!
If I had the 4WD model I would definitely do this!

I have some well needed parts coming in for Ivan. Stay tuned!


On this date in 1960

The Twilight Zone aired the episode “The Howling Man”

Synopsis: Seeking refuge from a storm, a traveler comes upon a bizarre abbey of monks, who have imprisoned a man who begs for his help. When he confronts the head monk, he is told that the man is the Devil, and he must decide whom to believe.

You haven’t put an end to-to suffering.
There’s still murders, robberies. Even now
while we’re talking, people are starving.
The suffering man was meant to endure. We
cause most of our own grief. We need no
help from him. It is the unnatural
catastrophe, the great wars, the
overwhelming pestilences, the wholesale
sinning that we have stopped.

Find a way to watch it. It’s on Hulu. To me this episode says a lot, I put my self in Monk Jerome’s shoes; trying to awaken the masses. If you don’t watch it, what do you think Mr. Ellington did???

Silent Hill

No ghost stories this year. Why? Cuz 2020 IS A GHOST STORY

Silent Hill is an alternate reality made from human thoughts, emotion and psyche. It just so happens that it’s all based on the negative aspect of those categories. Being a practitioner of Buddhism, I have made the connection that is shared in many eastern beliefs of suffering and realms of suffering. We, right now are in Samsara. However, there are realms where terrifying creatures live that have vast appetites but mouths the size of needles… sounds like Pyramid Head to me…

Pyramid Head is the reflection of the main character’s guilt and punishment in Silent Hill 2…

That’s why I made the connection that since the creators of Silent Hill are Japanese and their belief system is based off of Buddhism and Shinto, as well as other eastern beliefs, that Silent Hill is a reflections of those views. A realm where there’s endless suffering and scary-absurd disgusting creatures live, sure sounds like the many realms of suffering and limbo. With that being said, if the realm where Silent Hill really does exist, quit contributing to that realm. Live a honest and meaningful life with no regret and guilt. Now from my connections of Buddhism I happen to find these videos very interesting:

I agree.

As scary as the monsters are in that realm, they are reflections of our own mind. Besides all the terror that is found in the human mind; lies sadness and loneliness, which I feel can be just as terrifying as monsters…

Practice your mantras and cleanse yourself! 🙏

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