Living the life

This guy is living the life

The real question is, are you living the best life? 😉

Be sure to check out more of his videos. especially if you like fishing and the joy of satisfaction. Because of him, I cop’d myself some goodies so I can be lounging like homeboy! 😜

Nothing like Vanning to a fishing spot. Speaking of which, it made me think of this:

That fishing rod rack though… you can easily make one. Hmmm, Maybe a Summer project? 🤔
Imagine how much that CD Changer is going for now…!

Always live your life to the fullest, and most of all, live in the moment. ✌️☮️

Btw, remember that catch can I installed in the van?

It’s doing it’s job! 🥴

Historic Relics

Historic relics in Mad Max
Historic Relics in our Wasteland.
“Have we forgotten our pocket-lint, Taco-Bell-budget, living-under-mom’s-roof, having-nothing, yet having-nothing-to-worry-about past?… I have a new mission: to distance myself from my peers who are in search of the ‘finer things’ and get in touch with the young, broke, speed-hungry kid I once was, without a care in the world…”