A look at Impact Ltd

I been chit chatting with Law Break member and Chief Executive Officer of Impact Ltd for awhile now. Here’s some of their motors they have built.

945882_499444030124496_1301830768_n 580678_502152333186999_390800721_n 1451974_588074277928137_414235128_n 1459787_10201705802824902_1853686207_n 1467418_10201705802704899_977548673_n

B20V:  86mm DC5 Pistons + B20 crank and rods equivalent to 13:1 C/R
TRUST camshafts (never released in the US). He swears by these cams and enjoys the power they provide.
He even uses them in his personal EK.


Here’s some other motors they built and a line up of some of the Impact cars


Toda Racing V-Tec Killar
Toda Racing ITB 44
Tuned on Haltech PS Sprint 500


Here you can see they have converted the motor to a coil on plug set up.

1391881_571970162871882_820402338_n 1184886_10200974512503101_7138958_n 1085416_10200974651626579_1905270444_n1503817_591515997583965_918536827_n970143_470725599677560_2137687301_n1085434_10201002060151775_1723374315_n 972392_10201002060111774_1172503066_n 702018_10201012337888712_1102961747_n 1208570_10201012349969014_2033947262_n 1097310_10201002069512009_2118629782_n 1241067_10201012338008715_203197218_n 1097348_10201012333368599_1518232024_n 1082785_10201002057071698_47969652_n

And they also hit the loop occasionally

1520597_10201796484851896_1518362557_n 988882_10201755043095878_168305229_n 1902063_10202166726907716_860442065_n 1798310_10202057908307319_240304512_n

He told me he plans on visiting America soon. I look forward to meeting him in person. Cheers/Kampai

Ever wonder what ecu Kanjo runners use?

Kanjo runners have mildly tuned motors. Mostly stock with bolts ons that make it breathe very well. Some use ROMtuned ecu’s, and it’s not surprising to see Spoon Sport and Mugen ecu’s as seen here:

RIMG0244 RIMG0236 RIMG0237 RIMG0238

Which is inside of this:


And when it comes to engine management some use Haltech:

400397_3837403211652_738722510_n 65433_4130650062640_2026310316_n 25473_1299335601548_3084049_n
969695_503594209709478_2038924191_n 1379263_551898321545733_74740765_n

Looking back at the Tactical Art EG6, they were tuning it with a APexi Power FC, which is a good engine management system but there are better stand alones out there to fine tune their cars; AEM EMS and Hondata just to name a few. After chit chatting with some active Kanjo racers that also participate in circuit racing, they took a picture of what they are currently using: