Tokkōfuku pt.2

Blue like the liquid used to cool the motor. White like the air and fuel to push the car. Brown like oil, the vital blood for any engine.

A Tokkōfuku is essential for the Mad Max Street Style. Tokkōfuku translates to Special Attack Uniform. That means any clothing/gear you wear for combat. Even if that means bombing the kanjo. Sometimes they may look plain, but wearing it shows an image of readiness and preparedness to get dirty if your car breaks down, and/or to show that you take your work seriously with pure passion. “I put in work so much I never take it off” -type of look.

Originating from the days of WWII fighter pilots of Japan, some add slogans referring to the past on their Tokkōfuku. Many pilots of the past would carry charms and amulets with them as well…

Traditional Tokkōfuku
Tokkōfuku slogans.
🥊 Power gloves 🧤
☠️ Bones of 📿 my guru ☠️
🧿 Third 👁 Eye 🪬
Some of the items my Tokkofuku is equipped with.

With the various colors that members of PVTANTRA have, we commonly go with the Navy Blue boiler suit. The color represents the working man, especially the blue collar field. Also, oil stains and dirt hide pretty well with this color.

Real G shit:

Miura-San wears a plain jumper with little to no patches and slogans on it. Because his skills and knowledge speaks for him. Let yours speak for you as well.✌️🙏

What makes you strong?


The fact someone will buy this is concerning. Every so often you’ll find Uber rare jdm parts, many of which are damaged, like many Zero Fighter center exhausts. And people will put a price that’s more expensive than it is brand new. I actually had an convo with an acquaintance about that:

“And someone will buy it too Lmao” Laughing my ass off. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. The fact that it’s a laughing matter is concerning. The fact that someone will swindle a poor consumer with a damage part, and/or sell a “cookie cutter part” that’s pieced together and sold for $100 is horrible. Because of shit like that is why a piece of me have lost faith in the car community. So what makes you strong? I can tell you this much, swindling for a come up is part of ego. Feeding your ego doesn’t make you strong. It’s still a form of suffering. The “I’m going to get mines” mentality shows you’re suffering cuz you will do anything to earn a buck.

Don’t be that person. Don’t swindle someone just to earn a buck. There is no merit gained from those actions. ✌️ 📿🙏📿