No matter

What the price is, matter the cost, we got to make it today.

“Had I not known sorrow and remorse,
How could I have entered the path to liberation?”
“Had I not placed my trust in a teacher,
How could I have attained the ultimate power?”



Our services include but not limited to: fabricating custom parts and accessories; installation of parts for on-road and off-road vehicles; helping you think for yourself & question everything; performing shamanic rituals; enhancing your primitive understanding of the world and the universe; channeling ancient powers, deities and long dead gods.

When it comes to vehicles, Our main focus is creating custom parts and accessories for your Running Temples. What is a Running Temple? Examples: 1. 2. 3.

All of this is brought to you by P. Runner aka Run The Monk of The Private Runners Street Family. “The streets always know. The street is nature. In the end nature always wins. It’s not a competition. It’s the truth.” 📿🙏📿

Stay tuned. ✌️☮️

What makes you strong?


The fact someone will buy this is concerning. Every so often you’ll find Uber rare jdm parts, many of which are damaged, like many Zero Fighter center exhausts. And people will put a price that’s more expensive than it is brand new. I actually had an convo with an acquaintance about that:

“And someone will buy it too Lmao” Laughing my ass off. LAUGHING MY ASS OFF. The fact that it’s a laughing matter is concerning. The fact that someone will swindle a poor consumer with a damage part, and/or sell a “cookie cutter part” that’s pieced together and sold for $100 is horrible. Because of shit like that is why a piece of me have lost faith in the car community. So what makes you strong? I can tell you this much, swindling for a come up is part of ego. Feeding your ego doesn’t make you strong. It’s still a form of suffering. The “I’m going to get mines” mentality shows you’re suffering cuz you will do anything to earn a buck.

Don’t be that person. Don’t swindle someone just to earn a buck. There is no merit gained from those actions. ✌️ 📿🙏📿

Believe in yourself

And create your own destiny.

Don’t fear failure.


Matrix Resurrections is a message.

2019 =

2020 = 2👁2👁

2021 = ✂️….. 1️⃣…..👁.

2022 =

Don’t expect an epic
ending. Expect an epic change. Every action has
divine meaning.
Whether you see it or
not. Whether you
know it or not.
Stop believing
coincidences. If you don’t apply
meaning to every
action and thought,
what is the point to
your existence? You
are the fabric and
structure of
existence itself. You
are the universe.
Along with everyone
around you. Yes even
the people you don’t like.
So all of you, act like
it. Be the truth. Be the
hope. Be the faith. Be
the knowledge.

And remember, The Matrix wasn’t a movie, it’s a documentary.