According to ancient PVT texts, a Runner’s shift knob be the shape of an orb and fit firmly in the palm of your hand. No bigger than 2 inches. Heavy enough to have a throw that will give it the right amount of inertia to throw into gear and light enough to shift fast.

I know how some may feel bout metal knobs in the summer, or heat transferring to it from the engine and exhaust. But remember… The cold and the heat is life’s energy. Whether it’s as hot as the Gobi Desert in summer or as cold as Mt. Kailash in the middle of winter, it’s the ingredients of LIFE. This is the PVT way.

Any of y’all

Anyone of y’all watch that Twilight Zone marathon? 🙋‍♂️ Lately I’ve been feeling like the character Avery on the episode “Will The Real Martian Please Stand Up”. that’s right. But yo peep it, this album is like a Twilight Zone episode.


If you experience something from the Twilight Zone, will you be able to handle it? Because we’re living in the Twilight Zone right now…

Aye it’s still

Saturday Night!

Y’all ever hear about glowing lights on Mt. Kailash? There has been numerous sightings of UFO in that region. So the next time you hear bout glowing lights up there on top of Mt. Kailash, that’s me. I’m up there, partying… looking for that elevator to Mt. Meru.


Matrix Resurrections is a message.

2019 =

2020 = 2👁2👁

2021 = ✂️….. 1️⃣…..👁.

2022 =

Don’t expect an epic
ending. Expect an epic change. Every action has
divine meaning.
Whether you see it or
not. Whether you
know it or not.
Stop believing
coincidences. If you don’t apply
meaning to every
action and thought,
what is the point to
your existence? You
are the fabric and
structure of
existence itself. You
are the universe.
Along with everyone
around you. Yes even
the people you don’t like.
So all of you, act like
it. Be the truth. Be the
hope. Be the faith. Be
the knowledge.

And remember, The Matrix wasn’t a movie, it’s a documentary.