With N1 MДGIC we’re preserving the past.

What N1 MДGIC is all about:

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Soon, just like this old building, our cars will be no different:

Give them sentimental value. The memories with them are the true treasures. To think, one day gasoline vehicles will soon be obsolete… With Car Make TANTRA, we turn our valued cars into Running Temples. It is our way to preserve the past. The realization of Car Make TANTRA will inspire the present and future.

Destroyer of Death

Yamantaka, the Destroyer of Death.
“Live Like You’re Already Dead“ – PVT RUNNER

There’s an ancient belief, that all thoughts and emotions come from its own dimension. And we are the mediums. If that is the case, then in this dimension that we are living in, I shall use it for mantra. 📿🙏📿


At Car Make སྔགས….

Some serious R&D is going down…

No particular jewel, relic, artifact nor item has magical powers. But they act as an conduit and amplifier. The source of power (or Magic) must come from you, the user. Sometimes items absorb powers from the user, thus making them hold energies within them, while others naturally have energy within them such as the Cintamani stone. But again the source of it’s true power is within the user. Sometimes a practitioner will receive a talisman that is MДGICALLY sealed. Many are hesitant to break that seal…

Once opened, the talisman acts as a conduit, an enhancement to a gift that is already deeply ingrained in our souls, but you must allow the connection to complete itself.

R&D continues…

Strange marketplace

“Deep in the wild mountains, is a strange marketplace, where you can trade the hassle and noise of everyday life, for eternal Light.”- Milarepa 📿🙏📿

Welcome to my mobile temple. Despite all of the chaos going on in the world, you are safe and at peace here. Stay awhile.


According to ancient PVT texts, if a Runner is using a Civic, the shift knob must be the shape of an orb and must fit firmly in the palm of the hand. No bigger than 2 inches. Heavy enough to have the right amount of inertia to land into gear smoothly and light enough to shift quickly.

I know how some may feel bout metal knobs in the summer, or heat transferring to it from the engine and exhaust. But remember… The cold and the heat is life’s energy. Whether it’s as hot as the Gobi Desert in summer or as cold as Mt. Kailash in the middle of winter, it’s the ingredients of LIFE. This is the PVT way.

Aye it’s still

Saturday Night!

Y’all ever hear about glowing lights on Mt. Kailash? There has been numerous sightings of UFO in that region. So the next time you hear bout glowing lights up there on top of Mt. Kailash, that’s me. I’m up there, partying… looking for that elevator to Mt. Meru.