Ghost story

This takes place in the year 2005 in Sacramento. Me and a buddy of mine use to go searching for places that are reportedly haunted. We were looking for a location in Fair Oaks but we couldn’t find it. That’s when we stumbled upon a path way that lead to a pedestrian bridge. My buddy claimed he’s heard of this bridge and how people go there at night to fish. We weren’t too familiar to the area so we approached with caution. In a distance we saw a figure standing on the bridge, it could be anyone and anything. We had a dead flashlight and some pocket knives on us, didn’t want to risk it, so we left for that night.

We planned to go the next night, this time prepared. From my recollection, my heater hoses started leaking (B18C1 GSR heater hoses have a unique design btw) and I needed to fix it ASAP. With that being said, my buddy decided to go check it out by himself so he knows the surroundings the next time we decide to go. He went with a flashlight, a big ass knife and a hand gun for protection. As he approached the path, he realized that there’s lamp posts there, but they weren’t working the night we both went. On that night only one was working and it was the last lamp post before entering the bridge. The light was very dim. He stood at the entrance to the bridge and managed to see a “lady” in a distance on the bridge, probably 15 yards from him. He didn’t wanna frighten her so he tried to communicate to her but she wasn’t responding. It’s pitch black on the bridge, so he turned on his flash light. He kept his flash light low and slowly raised up the light, he managed to make out a pair of legs but that’s when he realized he could see through them…

My buddy told me that he never ran that fast in his life and maybe he should join the olympics. He never got to see her face, he ran like the wind. Wouldn’t you!? After he told me this story we started looking up ghost stories and urban legends in the area. We happened to find one about a lady who haunts one of the near by beaches along the river, but not on the bridge… was it her or something else?


On the meditation of Chenrezig, you may visualize seeing him with a thousand to a million arms and countless heads. The deity in Tantra can be understood as a gateway between two aspects of reality. This is the essence of the Million Hands Tribe. With hella hands at work, we bring to you Car Make TANTRA. You will witness many tasks being performed from many different locations, but they are all an incarnate of one. 📿🙏📿

Space Dancer

“Space Dancer” Vajrayogini, the Queen of the Dakini’s.
She has a necklace of skulls looped around her. What I find interesting is that the word Khandro (Dakini in Tibetan) sounds like – Khadro,
Kandro , Kanjo (!)
which literally means “walking in the sky.”

“By consciously invoking dakinis during tantric practice, we gradually develop sensitivity to energy as such. Looking at the iconographic image of a dakini, we must remember that through understanding its symbolism and self-identification with its image, we interact with our own energies. The use of tantric deities is necessary insofar as we are in a state of dualism. Tantra uses this property of ours, embodying in the figure in front of us exactly the qualities that we intend to acquire.

After the yogi glorifies and praises this deity outside of him in prayer, it merges with him. Then, at the end of any tantric practice, the deity completely dissolves into space, and finally, after a period of contemplating emptiness, the practitioner visualizes himself again in the form of a deity and returns to his daily activities.

In the Tibetan pantheon there are a great many dakinis, both angry and peaceful, each of which embodies a special quality of the practitioner, which he should activate at one point or another in his life according to the instructions of the guru.”

Happy Dakini Day

What you poppin?

What kind of pill popper are ya?

This type?

Either way….

You got people who want the blue and red pill together… Cuz they want the truth but sugar coated. When that happens, this is what you get:

Some people would rather stay believing what ever they wanna believe, and go to the grave with that. They just want to stay with their daily routine. And that’s fine, just keep taking those blue pills ok?
For all the copper top sheep out there
Blue is on top cuz that’s all we see; the cover up, the lie. While the truth is on the bottom constantly working. Funny how that works huh?

Remember to feed your head.

Leaky leaky

Came around to chasing a leak on the Odyssey today. This is probably an over looked leak when it comes to the distributor.

This leak is coming from the internal seal around the distributor shaft. This will cause an oil puddle under the passenger side of the engine bay, around the transmission.

Old gasket looking nasty
The new seal kit for the distributor. This kit covers a lot of distributors for various Honda’s.
New seal in! I used a 15mm socket to line it up and tapped it gently with a hammer to get it in.

No more distributor leaks here! Booya! 👊