latest news

I replaced my CV boot and also had a¬†valve¬†adjustment done. I can say the motor is feeling more “healthy.” I’ve been lagging on getting my bottom block hot tanked but IT WILL happen sometime this month. And once that’s done I will send it to Darton for them to install the sleeves. I also put my old 13’s back on. I got tired of the mesh look and needed to see something new that I haven’t seen in awhile.

My father’s 1986 635 CSI in the background

“riding low is a life style”

sooo i been thinking about slapping my TEIN SS’s back on for awhile cuz i miss riding low.. and while the Mugens are off, i plan to switch the springs with some Swift or Spoon Sports… hmmmm choices.. heres a pic with Mugen Low-Downs


with TEIN SS